Are you still using Excel Sheets and Emails to track leave applications and work schedules? You know how tiring and time consuming it can be. Administrative work can consume a lot of your productive time. As your business starts growing and you have more number of employees you would long for an effective tool to manage leave, absence, shifts and overtime. There are many online leave management tools available that allow you to manage leave of your employees and also their work schedules and LeaveWizard is one of them.

LeaveWizard is an effective online leave and absence management solution which encompasses fully automated and flexible features allowing seamless integration with other common business applications and services. It is a highly scalable tool that allows HR and staff managers to easily manage employee leaves and schedules.

Major Features of LeaveWizard

Leave & Absence
This amazing leave management system allows you to speed up common tasks such as requesting for leaves and approvals. It allows you to track employees’ allowance and also know who’s in or out today. Approvers and secondary approvers can be set for each employee based on the policies of your organization.

Calendars and Email

It is one of the most interesting features of this tool. LeaveWizard has an Outlook like calendar that allows you to synchronize your leave and absence events with your organization’s Outlook or Google calendars via iCal. Email notifications are also sent each time when someone requests or approves a leave or has been nominated for cover. This ensures that all the concerned persons are notified on time.

Work Patterns
This feature allows you to specify the shifts that your employees work including start and end times and breaks. The leave calculations and entitlement can be both in terms of days and hours. Each employee’s work days or hours and any public holidays are taken into account while calculating leave and absence. You can create and use any number patterns within this online tool.

Multi Location Support
This effective online holiday planner tool can easily be applied to unlimited number of locations with each of them having their own specific settings. You can set location specific public holiday or company days or events calendars, work patterns/shifts, time zones etc. This helps you configure the system to match your organization’s structure and apply location specific settings and rules.

Charts and Reports

The leave charts and reports offer a quick insight into who’s on leave and when. These results can be sorted by an individual employee, different departments or groups, the entire organization for a configurable period of time. The filter rich charts provide you with relevant leave and absence data. You can also export these reports in CSV and Excel formats.

Custom Groups
There are situations when you need to have different policies for different teams and individuals in an organization. The custom groups feature allows you to set different set of leave and absence rules for different people.

Room Bookings
LeaveWizard also comes with a built-in room booking functionality and with this integrated feature; there is no need to purchase a license to use another application for booking the rooms. Moreover, you can even have a control on who can book or perceive the room bookings. Additionally, the room bookings have been incorporated in Google calendar and Outlook.

Online HR system

LeaveWizard acts like an online HR systems for your business. There are many advantages that it brings to your organization. You can update the database in real-time and without any hosting solution as it is a complete online tool. You won’t have to worry about IT or support and easily manage the system from your office, home or any place with connection to the Internet. What makes this tool further profitable is the fact that it is cheaper compared to an in-house hosted solution. As we have mentioned above apart from managing leave and absence it can also manage schedules and cover multiple locations.

Why Use LeaveWizard?

  • It allows you to effectively manage employees’ work schedule, holidays and absence thus allowing business continuity and proper work flow.
  • LeaveWizard allows all the employees and managers to have easy access to leave and absence information via your usual office calendar.
  • This system encourages employees to book and use appropriate amount of holiday and this earns their goodwill and they contribute to your business’ growth in the long run.
  • You can effectively manage employee’s schedules and provide various reports as required by your business.
  • It is a customizable tool that can adjust to various scenarios in your organization and help it run smoothly.


Leave Wizard has been competitively priced and meets the demands of all scales of businesses. There are eight distinct plans for you to choose from Plan – 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 and 150. The number denotes the total number users that these plans can handle. They are priced between £ 5.00 per month to £105 5.00 per month. These plans include unlimited leave types, locations, work patterns and calendars. You also benefit from free email support and free trial.

Final Words

It is not only a leave an absence management system but a complete online HR system. It can be easily adopted by small and large organizations and helps in managing their day to day business effectively and efficiently.