What should you do for a better ranking on google? How to rank higher on Google? If you are stuck with these types of questions. Do worry, Here’s the solution!…. I am gonna take you through a step-by-step SEO strategy to rank on the first page of Google.

There are almost 3.5 billion searches or even more on Google each day. So to keep your business website on top is of utmost importance. Because you must know that the top organic result receives 10 times more click in comparison to a page in 10 spots.

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If you want to be a part of a first-page search result you need to know the correct way of performing digital marketing techniques. Some of the techniques are:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Remarketing

However, all the above digital marketing techniques are important but SEO is an initial step that helps us in building brand awareness, So, if you have a question in mind how to rank a website on google?, start with SEO techniques.

Do you know SEO can be tough? and it’s even tougher when you read the same advice over and over again. We all are advised to have SEO tactics like optimize title tags, share content on social media, publish great content, and lot more. However, this advice isn’t completely useless but it’s not gonna improve google rankings.

Now, you must be thinking, everyone does so. Then why I am notifying, it is not going to help. Since every individual who has a site is following precisely the same guidance. So to rank above them, you have to accomplish something totally extraordinary.
Let’s see the inviting tactics on -How To Rank Higher On Google?

Here in this blog, we will discuss super tactical and actionable SEO strategies to improve the ranking on Google.

9 Ultimate SEO Tactics to Rank Higher on Google in 2021

SEO Tactic 1: Find an opportunity keyword

What is an opportunity keyword? While talking about the opportunity keyword, we can say it is similar to a regular keyword but better. Let me describe it to you in a better way. Opportunity Keywords are keywords that have high organic CTR(click-through-rate).

These keywords can draw traffic from search engines comparatively quickly than the regular keywords. So, when applying these SEO tactics, the chances to get ranked on the first page increases.

Opportunity keywords give us a free way to attract good volumes of targeted audience from organic search. Now how to find out opportunity keywords? There are many such keyword research tools such as:

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Generator
  • Google Search Console
  • Soovle
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Yet, there are many other names, but these tools help in smarter keyword decisions. It provides you with in-depth information on each keyword. So, the primary concern, check a search result before picking keywords.

SEO Tactic 2: Check out the content competition.

Indeed, many people start writing content without checking out the competitors’ content. However, that is really a tremendous mistake. Analyzing the content of competitors is a crucial step you must do.

When you do so, you get to know what sort of content Google wants to see for that keyword. After knowing the requirements of Google, you can create relevant content for your blog, website, etc.

SEO Tactic 3: Create content that’s different or better.

While writing any content, you should keep two main points in your mind.

  • Your content is way different from others.
  • Create something better that holds the audience to stay at your page.

Why? Let me explain.

Most of the time you focus on publishing something that’s just way better than what’s already out there. But in general, it’s always better to create completely unique content. Unique content engages customers more than the one that is already available on the Internet.

And most importantly, if you write unique and intent content, crawlers will support you and improve website ranking on Google. Remember, Google can penalize your website when it finds any duplicate or plagiarism content.

SEO Tactic 4: Add your link.

This is one of the smartest ways to do SEO. So in case you’re new to SEO, you may wanna know this technique. Do you know in general, pages with the most backlinks rank highest in Google?

43.7% of the top-ranking pages do carry some reciprocal links. For this, you need to first figure out why people should add a link to your content? You have to approach those people who too are in your industry. Ask them to include their link into their content.

SEO Tactic 5: Optimize your site’s on-page SEO.

There are various ways to optimize your site’s on-page SEO. So restricting myself to covering each and every SEO method on the planet, I’m going to focus on On-page SEO techniques that are working truly well at this moment.

The principle of using short URLs.

When I was checking a number of websites on Google, I found a common connection between short URLs and higher Google rankings.

So, if the URL of your website is quite long, try to cut them down. However, I don’t suggest returning and changing your current URLs since that can accomplish more damage than anything else. Rather, simply make your new URLs.

I can give you one tip that while creating URLs, use focus keyword, or main keyword. Moreover, there are other tricks too, to create a short URL. So, take your time, put some creativity, and then come up with the final result.

According to experts URLs with a keyword in it retain a 45% higher click-through rate in comparison to the one that doesn’t include a keyword.

SEO Tactic 6: Link from high authority pages.

The other best way to improve the ranking of a website, receiving a link from high authority pages. Those external links already have good authority and hold a good ranking position. So when those links refer to your pages, ultimately your ranking gets a boost.

SEO Tactic 7: Search intent.

When anybody searches for a keyword, they get various results from Google. The person who is searching can reach out to any of them. If in case, they reach out to your content and find it relevant then you can say your content is search intent.

And, if the content mismatch, the bounce rate will increase. Ultimately Google will either remove your content or decrease the ranking. So, always focus on writing search intent content.

Let me give you an example.

If some keyword search- top software development companies in India and he finds out your content. So, when going through your blog if he gets the name of companies that are in India, then he will stay. But if he finds a company’s name that is not in India, this means your content is not a search intent. Hence, they will bounce back and look for another result.

SEO Tactic 8: Build backlinks.

A piece of content that has a link and it’s also optimized for search intent. So what’s next? Not other than building backlinks.

First, use something called guest posting. It is one of the best ways to generate quality backlinks. How to do guest posting. For this, firstly, you need to find the right people. Now, who are those right people?

The right people are those who run blogs in your industry. After finding the right people, next, ping each of them using a personalized email and also send them the sample of your content.

And, if everything goes right, this simple SEO strategy can profit you tons of social shares from authority bloggers.

SEO Tactic 9: Broken link building.

This strategy is pretty simple. First, find a broken link on someone’s website, then pitch your content as a replacement for the dead link. If they get impressed with your content, you ask them to add your link.

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Let’s Summarise it now!

SEO is an on-demand ingredient for all online business holders. It is being readily an alternative model of having a good ranking on Google. They control the abilities of your business to reach maximum customers in a profitable and capable manner. It supports the idealistic view of the digital world. In the above points, I have discussed all the different ways to improve the ranking on Google. Hope you apply these SEO techniques with your websites and increase traffic, generate maximum leads and sales.