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If you are looking for the accurate CRM software for your business, you might have a huge number of options in the present market. But you need to make sure that the CRM you are purchasing, connects your team, tracks the sales, makes it convenient for you to manage customer relationships and finally offers a clear insight regarding the overall sales process.

It should not be too complicated, but the more options it will possess, the more it will be effective for your business enterprise. Now, how do you know you have got your hands into such software? Check out the following factors which will ensure that you have the right CRM for your business.

  • The first factor is to know why you want a CRM. The software will help you in keeping a track of potential customers; it will help you in centralizing your business, avail a history of contacts, deals, leads and conversations, scale the operations and make them much more productive. These are the reasons you shall require CRM software for your business.
  • To know that you are getting the most updated CRM software, look out for the CRM software that offers user adoption. It needs to have 100% adoption. Remember that the insights you avail are only as good as the data put within it. Ensure that the CRM offers a smooth UX which is easy to use. Opt for a CRM that reduces friction so that, your team can actually use it.
  • Mobility is one of the most important factors for almost all the businesses in the present scenario. When confirming a final purchase for CRM software, you need to look for a system which can be easily accessed from anywhere possible even if you are offline. A mobile CRM which is accessible in any situation is much relevant to the work of a sales rep.
  • Understand the customization options. You need to check out the CRM that will allow you in customizing the sales stages and add custom fields, tags, filters.This will enhance the work function of your business.
  • Examine how it can improve the efficiency of your business. Check out how it automates different tasks and provides reminders to your mobile devices. Go for the software that offers a complete functionality irrespective of your location. Make sure that the software version is compatible with desktop and look for the varied versions for tablets running on iOS, windows or android. The CRM software needs to integrate with other software; this will make it more convenient for your business. Look for such CRM software that can integrate seamlessly with emails which include Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, MailChimp and Yesware. The cloud tools like Dropbox, Google drive and social media like Facebook and LinkedIn can be integrated with the CRM software.

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  • Test the CRM software before finalizing it. Think about the metrics you shall require as a sales person and make sure the CRM offers you with the required insights.
CRM Software

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The CRM software shall provide the following automated insights:

1. Incoming deals volume report: This report will break down the deals that have been registered over a certain period and also percentage the total deal count.

2. Sales forecasting: This report will offer a clear idea regarding the total value of all deals within the pipeline and what can be realistically expected from the business.

3. Sales revenue goals: You can set and monitor the targets of your business and the revenue generated within a certain period.

4. Sales funnel Analysis: This will help you in estimating where exactly your team stands at a certain time and what can be lost or gained by the business.