There is a large number of companies which purchase the stock imagery, but now very few are put in a category which outfits the people who use their smartphones as cameras. These companies have a focus to release the apps which are designed particularly for uploading the pictures directly through your smartphones.
And having that said, here came a trend to make money from a smartphone by selling the stock of your mobile photo albums. Some companies even pay you more than 50% of their total sales and as the costs of these photos reach more than $100 sometimes.
Your smartphone is a cool way of capturing the photos of various events happening around you at any hour of the day. So, if you have an app in your phone which allows you to readily upload your newly taken photos on social media for sale, you have got a source make money from smartphone photos.

Here is a short list of the famous companies which deal in stock images and offer various photo apps for smartphones.

1. Foap
Foap outfits users of the mobile apps which work on the platform of both IOs and Android. They usually charge $10 for a single photo and half of that price is given to the photographer. They use a process of user ratings to carry out the sanction of the photos. You have to give the rating to any other member’s photos, whenever you are going to upload an image so that your images get accepted after getting a particular number of positive responses to your images.


2. EyeEm
The EyeEm works in the same way as the Instagram works and serves on the platforms of both IOs and Android. Many users have reviewed this app very good scores because its attractive filters which work on many photos. It has got many tremendous new and mobile features which make you able to sell your photo collection.


3. Twenty20
The Twenty20 allows you to earn money at a rate of 20% for each photo. This price is set by the Twenty20, and the charges are made by the pixel size of your photos, while the minimum cost is just $10 for each photo. This app works only on the platform of IOs.

4. Alamy
The Alamy is considered as one of the top stock image company. Most of the purchasers are companies which work on large scale like the agencies dealing with the newspapers, magazines, and other publications. They have an app named as Stockimo and work only on the platform if IOs at the moment, being one of the greatest way to get decent income.
Photos which you upload through this app must be created by the genuine camera of smartphones, but those pictures which are uploaded on their website are more desirable. The costs of these photos are extremely high, reaching up to $500 for each photo. Photos are passed through a process of approval before being uploaded.