As we know technology has taken over the ordinary process of direct mailing, so for promoting their products to a large number of audience and to provide them better and quick services most of the marketers use email marketing tools. Email marketing tools are not very new but still some of the customers are not aware of this service. So first of all let me explain you what is “Email-Marketing tool.”

Email marketing tool is the online version of direct mailing, it is easy to use and it resonates the company’s image and through email marketing the marketers can keep a track of their mail readers as well as new customers. It is not only an email sending tool but it is the bridge between the marketers and the customers.Not only this but it provide customers with all the important details of the company. Without any skepticism, many known companies have made remarkable email marketing tools with amazing features and each email marketing tool is quite different from each other in some or the other way. When we go for email marketing tools then we can see there are n numbers of email marketing tools but every company has their own preferences, it totally depends on the company’s taste like some will go for tools having incredible templates while others will go for some other featues. But the most important things any email marketing tool should possess are:

1. Simplicity

2. Efficiency and

3. Reliability

These are the principles of any email marketing tool. And nothing can replace an email marketing tool for promoting online businesses. Therfore, we should we careful while choosing email marketing tools because choosing an email marketing tool is a Herculean task. It is so similar to a journey. As we have to decide our budget and then make list of things that are required. While selecting any email marketing tool one should keep the following points in their mind:

  1. It should be user friendly, so that any one without any knowledge of coding can also use it with ease.
  2. It should not exceed your pocket. Make a budget and then choose email marketing tools.
  3. Just keep in mind the marketing tools you are going for must have the ability to adjust to every business scenario.
  4. Realizing your priorities make a list in your mind that what are the features you need in that tool and accordingly select them.
  5. It should be easy to customize as well so that anyone can handle it.
  6. Also some of the email marketing tools offer custom and auto respondents, which will help the company to stay in touch with their contacts.

Some other key features of email marketing tools are:

1.Customer service the most important feature of any marketing tool.

2.Transactional email capabilies.

3.Social media integration.

4.Email creation tools.

5.List management tools and

6. Some tools provide you mobile access facility.

By using these tools, you can save time as well as money and you can track the returning customers also. The marketing tools should not take much time while importing any lists. These tools should be well design and it should consist varities of templates also. Even some of its features like automation featues and other should be kept simple. As an email marketing tool will only determine your company’s image.And by seeing the dashboards’s appearance only the customer can make out what kind of company is yours as the saying goes “ First impression is the last impression” and the customers do follow this quotation usually. Some of the email marketing tools that are generally prefered by various companies are:

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It provides the best and simplest account with various features, leaving most of the customers satisfied. It also converts visitors into customers. And best thing about this email marketing tool is, it is not very expensive and affordable by most of the marketers even for the small businesses also.


The best feature of this tool is anyone can easily access this, it is easy to use even the person with limited knowledge of email marketing can easily handle it. It is also affordable ands user friendly.


In this email marketing tool the users are provided with high quality email templates and tools.They have the latest features but the sad part is, its prices are very high.


It was the most popular choice in the year 2010 but with the invention of new features it lost its place in the market. According to some of the users its templates are pretty old to use and as compared to its old template its prices are really high. So its better to go with some of the latest email marketing tools.

These are the only few of the marketing tools that i have discussed, there are many more like: MailChimp, iContact etc.

Its all your choice what kind of email marketing tool you want to use. But do keep in mind the above points so that you can choose a better email marketing tool for better future of your company. We all have our own taste buds but one should also use their mind while choosing any email marketing tool 2016.