Mobile devices have become the cream of the palm and creating apps for them are all the more important in this ever-so-fast changing world. Businesses are always on the hunt for a greater reach and are thus turning their attention towards making apps available for their services and products. The trends are catching on fast and furious and everyone seems to be joining the race to maximize their business potential.

The technology is changing and growing at an exponential rate. It becomes quite tough to keep a simultaneous track of all the latest advancements. Building a cost-effective, cross-platform app that helps you achieve your target audience requires a thorough analysis of some resources. There are some major pros and cons which one should look into before proceeding. Below are stated some of the tips that one can adhere to while creating an extraordinary mobile app.

Driving Revenue from Mobile Apps

Consumers have become unimaginably smart and have started using gadgets that come pre-loaded with the latest features. Web-connected devices are always in their reach and this opens a plethora of opportunities for marketers, be it a small franchisee or an established firm. Catering to Google’s Geo-Targeted Push Notifications, building additional sales opportunities, clinging-on Geo-Targeted Advertising, thriving for dynamic offers, gathering the required data, competing with anyone, anywhere and pushing through your service are the basic techniques that will help you drive more revenue.

Building an NFC App. Is it Worth the Pain Right Now?


Big and established players have guessed its coming and is touted as being one of the rock-solid technological advancements to have occurred, ever. Near Field Communication, better known as NFC, is a quick tap against a sensor that produces a rapid result ,which is faster than a bar code scan.

Google itself is placing big bets on the technology and is looking forward to make it the Gen-next technology. Extending its use from payment transactions to easy data transfer its role is elaborate. But, the real gamble is that it is just touted. There’s no surety that the technology will be a success and that’s the bait. When to develop an NFC app and when to shelve it down, the question remains still to be answered.

Benefit Out of Mobile App Analytics

There are some basics that one should keep in mind while creating a mobile app. A well-planned strategy, an impressive design to topple the competitors and great development are some of them. To measure and keep a check of your metrics and the hard work put-in you have to consult the mobile analytics. Behavioral measures are taken into consideration by marketers and developers with the help of app analytics. Since the app industry is relatively blooming there is a variety of options that help out with the data.

Take a Dip Into the Common Mobile App User Complaints

Though mobile apps provide us with galore options of recreation and facilities, there are still complaints about the shortcomings, of an app. Life is made easier, remembering important dates and events is much convenient, but not without glitches. Venting out anger and showing your dissent is common. Marketers and developers should take a sneak-peek into the bone of contention that is present and adhere to it.

Build a Mobile App that Doesn’t Drain the Battery

Mobile devices, previously had a great battery to boast of. With the introduction of web apps, the need to recharge your devices on a timely basis has become a necessity. Live streaming, cameras, playing games and other applications have a direct effect on the battery of your device. More the number, less is the length of your battery standby time. Thus, developers should keep in mind the importance of developing an app that doesn’t drain-out the battery fast.

The above-mentioned fundamentals should be looked into and considered before making a mobile app.