The internet market is enormous. Here you launch and product and there it is sold. You just need to know how, when and where to do the right thing. Not just the part-timers, now the online business is a full-time job because it is a money-spinning opportunity that nobody wants to lose. You just need to keep a track of the advertisement of your products and services reaching your potential customers when they are active. Now you are able to strategize product release and plan promotional campaign in much easier and better way. Thanks to new Bing new Marketplace Trends you are now able to design product promotion by addressing target audience through specific metrics launched by Bing.

Through these specific metrics you can now make smarter moves and better decisions. These trends cover three specific areas taking account of Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC) and Volume by Device. These new trends are result of customer feedback received as listening tours. The best thing is these trends envelop online business of various types. Using the type of targeting trend according to your business type is much easier now. This interactive visualization tool is great breakthrough for online business industry to keep a track of volume, consumer clicks and latest targeting trends.
Going further into the detail of these visualization tools, through ads scheduling trend charts, you can see the best possible time of the day and the week as well to promote your services and products to your target audience. Device targeting trends chart provides you complete information about CTR and CPC for PC, mobile phone and tablet. Furthermore, the location targeting trends chart helps you with CTR and CPC information on state level very accurately. This is not all; you can find the information not only for an industry but for its sub industry as well.
You can find 34 verticals for the industry, there are further sub verticals to these verticals. For example, under education you will find vocational training, higher education and K-12, the vertical of real estate has segments like legal services, real estate agents, and property listings, financial services take account of investments, credit & debt, and banking. These valuable market trends give you crucial business insights in terms of geography. Right now the data is available for US advertisers only. If you are an online business owner who wants a competitive edge, this is the right tool for you. Using SEO tools is the essential part but knowing if you are reaching your targeted audience is much more crucial. Start using these tools and win potential customers today, because you never know your competitors have already read the article and are even done with their new business plan.