Employee motivation is viewed as one of the most effective approaches to enhance the productivity of the business. To understand how to motivate employees in the workplace?

I have arranged a comprehensive guide about Employee Do’s and Don’ts.

In a survey it has found, engaged firms increase profits three times faster than their competitors. About 87% of engaged employees are less likely to leave the organization. An operating income of companies with low engagement scores is about 32.7 % lesser than companies with more engaged employees. Furthermore, companies with a highly engaged workforce acknowledge a 19.2 % growth in operating income over 12 months.

Now you might be interested to know a secret ingredient that has the power to boost your business’ productivity, increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and hence reduce downfall.

Herein, you will find out more about employee motivation techniques. Try these high points to keep the members of your team performing best in their job.

List of Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Employees Motivated During Lockdown

1. Do Make Changes at Your Workplace

A little change in the workplace will do miracles in raising your employees’ motivation levels. If you will try to know what your working staff wants and perform accordingly, they will look forward to coming to work each day.

The most significant organizations in the world, including Apple, Google, and Facebook, realize this and have invested many millions in making workspace appealing and attractive.

Make Changes at Your Workplace

As a company’s representative or manager, you should have an idea about what things excite your employees and how to motivate your staff? Knowing their needs, you can accomplish broad outcomes in the work environment.

Moreover, making a few changes, such as introducing a decent coffee machine in your office kitchen, allowing employees to dress more casually or upgrading the system, motivates employees to work happily in the workplace.

2. Do Respect Someone Efforts

Your employee will follow your instruction only if you have a proper management system. The work ultimately gets inflow if you behave politely with your employees.

Everyone looks for a cooperative boss despite empowering the boss In a survey, it has found that only 46 percent have trust in their organization, and 49 percent in their boss/team.

Employees get motivated when the boss respects someone’s efforts in fulfilling the mission to make your company earn a profit.

Respect Someone Efforts

3. Do Appreciate Employee With Rewards

Your employees will remain with your business only when they feel motivated. So it’s become more important to keep your proficient staff satisfied with the workplace.

For this, you can introduce a merit-based motivating program. Probably, you can start this with a quarterly reward function or simply offer a bonus.

Appreciate Employee With Rewards

This type of activity will improve the confidence level of an individual. On the other hand, it even benefits your organization in two ways: firstly, your staff will realize they are appreciated for their excellent work; secondly, your appreciation holds them to remain with you for the long term.

4. Do Offer Flexible Scheduling

The involvement of new technologies has changed how organizations work, and it has additionally changed the manner in which we work–or the manner in which we can accomplish it.

Because of advanced technology, now employees can easily communicate with the client via mail, telephone, etc.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Nowadays, they can even finish projects at home. Along these lines, regardless of whether it’s a work-from-home or strategic scheduling, offer different planning alternatives to be seen as a dynamic manager and draw motivation.

5. Do Ask To Share Feedback

Do you have any idea what will truly satisfy your staff? No? Why not simply ask them at that point?

Everyone may have a different comment. However, try to put the entirety of their answers together. You will have a more precise image of what the most significant effective way to motivate your employees in your organization. Furthermore, this feedback again helps you to find a few better approaches to inspire your workers.

Ask To Share Feedback

It’s extraordinary to feel satisfied with your work. Indeed, feedback plays as one of the critical factors in the way to satisfy staff needs. Feedback in your work can emerge as a collection of answers to various queries of your staff.

6. Do Allow Transparency In The Workflow

Transparency on how business is working makes your employee feel more involved with the company. So try to impart useful information to them all the time. You can communicate with co-workers on the day to day, week to week, or month to month reports.

Allow Transparency In The Workflow

You should also share the data about what number of your clients are new, who are your competitors, and much more.

Approaching this information not just affects your workers to feel like they’re a significant piece of the business, it additionally assists them to improve their working efficiency.

Now, let’s see what certain steps you just shouldn’t take in a professional workplace.

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Steps You Shouldn’t Take in the Workplace

1. Don’t Delay The Reply To An Email.

Understand the importance of hitting reply to an email. You should never delay when responding to an email is concerned.

However, you need to be careful while replying, because all the mail you receive is not worth it. Also, make sure there should be no mistake of grammar in the professional mail.

Delay The Reply To An Email

2. Don’t Have Personal Discussions At Your Work Area.

Ask your office colleagues to avoid having a private telephonic discussion at their desk. Do whatever it takes not to have the discussion at your work area where others can hear you.

Nowadays, working environments have gathering rooms that you can use for calls; else, it may be a smart thought to step outside.

Don’t Have Personal Discussions

Having any type of discussion at your work area can be distracting to the associates close to you. They may start gossiping about your personal life— which isn’t appropriate for the professional gesture.

3. Don’t Let Your Emotions Overpower Into The Office.

It’s ideal not to let your emotions affect your professional life. Your work area colleagues wouldn’t like to hear your tragic story. However, if you genuinely can’t focus on your work since something has occurred, it’s most likely to be at home to process your feelings.

Or, if something in the working environment is annoying you, connect with the HR office or your boss to determine the issue, so it doesn’t affect your work.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Overpower

4. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions.

Feel free to ask questions regardless of how senseless they may appear. Asking questions will assist you in clearing up your doubts, and hence you will be able to finish a task without having mistakes in your project.

Having confidence is good, but it becomes worse when you hold up overconfidence. Always ask for expert help in case you face any type of problem in your work.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

5. Don’t Allow Gossip At Workplace

Do you know having gossip at your place can be dangerous?

Just don’t do it. Regardless of whether you’re tempted to talk about your boss, associate, or the organization overall, you’re not harming anybody yet yourself when you do.

Don’t Allow Gossip

Gossiping can depict you as somebody who can’t be trusted or somebody who isn’t a cooperative person. It can likewise be appropriately destructive in the event that it returns to reduce efficiency.

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Let’s Understand How to Motivate Your Employees During COVID by Infographic:

infographic employee do's and don'ts in office


I hope you get the idea of how employee motivation approaches are beneficial to your company. If you make the change accordingly, you will make your employees connect better with their work. Even, this will motivate them to work harder and enjoy their time at the office more.

Always make sure to have a positive attitude at your workplace or even in your life. Possessing a positive attitude affects the performance of an individual. So, motivate your employees to have broad thinking with a positive attitude. It is true to say, being happy, friendly, and approachable at work can do wonders for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- How can I motivate employees at the workplace without offering money as an incentive?

A1- You can do this by following some other tricks like:

  1. Offering perks like an enjoyable workplace, free snacks, flexible scheduling, etc.
  2. Carry a positive attitude
  3. Make them engage them in strategy and tactical challenges.
  4. Praise them on their excellent work.
  5. Ask their advice, not approval.
  6. Keep transparency in the goals.

Q2- What are tips on becoming more productive in the workplace?

A2- If. You are concerned about productivity in the workplace, and then it’s better to follow the right things in the right way. And the most important thing for the same is to have proper planning to execute. Here are some of the points that can maximize your outcomes:

  1. Arrange your physical work environment with positive vibes
  2. Make use of technology for the smooth and fastest workflow.
  3. Offer flexibility in the work.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from others.
  5. Ask for feedback.
  6. De-stress your work environment

Q3- How important is motivation in the workplace?

A3- Motivation is a …must at the workplace to achieve the goal. When employees feel motivated towards something, they put extra effort towards achieving that goal. In the workplace, try to arrange the things that push harder to fulfill their goals. Appreciation and rewards improve their quality of work. You should never allow staff to feel demotivated for a long time, and it can reduce the growth of an organization.

Q4- How can I motivate my employees to work effectively during Lockdown?

A4- You can motivate employees by arranging a sufficient reward and recognition system. Appreciation of the work makes your employees happy. You can reward their work either, be it cash or other elements.