Every programmer’s most important asset is a programming language. It won’t just instruct a machine but controls the computing power. In today’s blog post, we are going to list down the top 10 highest-paying programming languages that will fetch a decent job.

Let us not waste any time and check out the top programming languages that you can learn and get the highest pay and boost in your career. There are high chances that you must be aware of C, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript but there is no harm in learning another programming language and improve your knowledge. For learning these languages you require a good laptop for programming.

#10 Promising and Highest Paying Programming Languages in 2021

1. Scala


First on our list is Scala and it is one of the highest paying programming languages that was developed by the German computer scientist and is an amazing alternative to the Java language. Scala is a mix of object-oriented programming and functional programming. Its static type eradicates any bugs in the complex applications, and JavaScript and JVM runtimes improve the development of high-performance systems and access to vast libraries. Today, Scala is gaining huge popularity in ML, Data Science, and Big data.

Salary: Scala’s average salary is $115,446 across the world, while, in India, it is INR 1,007,861.

2. Ruby


Ruby is my personal favorite. Many people find Ruby Programming language to be very old and outdated but it is not at all true. Ruby still is one of the most popular in small companies and startups where the turnaround time is low. Suppose you need to develop an urgent application within a week for your project you must choose Ruby on Rails, it is a time-tested framework on Ruby.

Salary: Ruby’s average salary is around $91,876 across the world, and, in India, it’s INR 799,802.

3. Go

Go, highest paying programming language

Go is a programming language developed by Google & introduced in 2009. Go is an open-source application, which can be actively used for projects within the company and many popular world-class services (Netflix, SoundCloud, and Dropbox). In past, some years, Go has grown in popularity dramatically because of its multithreaded tasks like efficient processing of the parallel processes, quick start-up, and using only memory when necessary. Go is considered to be a server language and one of the highest-paying programming languages of our future.

Salary: Go’s average salary is around $115,685 across the world and, in India, it’s INR 1,154,896.

4. Objective-C


Next on our list comes the Objective-C programming language that is used for developing applications in the Apple network. This programming language is purely used to develop Mac OS X & iOS. With the emergence of many new programming languages, Objective-C is still one of the most popular selections in the programmer’s community. Also, Apple’s connection gives this programming language a high-demand market. With Apple being “dependent” on Objective-C, developers are always wanted and paid high.

Salary: Objective-C’s average salary is around $101,085 across the world, and in India, it’s INR 574,286.

5. Kotlin


Kotlin is yet another best programming language for the past many years and has become a highly popular programming language. It’s an easily typed language that is developed by JetBrains. This language has been named as a language for the development of the Android apps officially. The popularity of this particular language is increasing daily as it is introduced as the Android application key language for their development. The best part is it runs on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and is 100% interoperable. Kotlin and JavaScript work for the backend & frontend development that makes it highly versatile. Therefore, if you want to learn any new programming language, Kotlin is the best language to consider.

Salary: Kotlin’s average salary is $98,763 across the world, and in India, it’s INR 466,347.

6. Python


When we talk about the top programming languages in the world, Python always makes its mark. Python is an all-rounder and most efficient programming language that is used in different fields. Since python isn’t limited to just development but is highly used in web development, Data science, machine learning, Mathematical calculations, and more.

Python is the best programming language you must learn in 2021 & the average of python developers earn $59000 per ann. Certain platforms like Reddit and Youtube are built on Python so there is a high demand for python developers today.

Salary: Python’s average salary is around $79,395 across the world, and in India, it’s INR 755,012.

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7. Java


We all using the Java programming language for a very long time now, it is the most demanded programming language today. Java is primarily used for developing various products in the banking sector and automated testing. It’s highly appreciated for the cross-platform that is provided because of JVM. It is an important and most promising language to learn in 2021. Java is been used actively for developing both mobile and server applications and is used as the tool to develop native Android apps.

Salary: Java’s average salary is $85,086 across the world, and in India, it’s INR 709,387.

8. C#


C# programming language is an all-purpose open-source network developed by Microsoft. This language is developed for software development, web development, and networking. Suppose you dream of working in the Microsoft community, make sure you master the C# language. C# language is mainly used in small apps and large apps such as mobile apps, web apps, backend systems, and more.

Salary: The average salary of C# is around $81,999 across the world, and, in India, it’s INR 646,535.

9. Swift


Swift is a primary language for app development for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchO. It is a universal language used in Apple products that were formed in 2014. Its main benefit is speed: at working on a project and launching the ready application. It’s for this benefit that it has got the name over other programming languages, securing the 9th position on the highest paying programming languages list.

Salary: Swifts’ average salary is around $97,271 across the world, and, in India, it’s INR 585,671.

10. Perl


Last but not the least, Perl is again a general-purpose, most dynamic, and interpreted programming language that was developed in 1987 by Larry Wall. This language was made as the Unix scripting language for making report processing and text manipulation simpler. But, today Perl language is used for various other tasks such as web development, system administration, GUI development, and network programming, to name some of them.

Salary: Perl’s average salary is around $93,368 across the world, while, in India, it’s INR 847,995.

Keep On Learning

As you see, these are the top 10 highest-paying programming languages in 2021, which are expected to stay effective and accessible throughout the year and more. The learning and knowledge of these languages will help you to improve your skills and job opportunities.