If you enjoy reading books and magazines than this article is just for you, as we will share with you some of the more interesting features of the three leading Kindle devices today and they are the Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire and the Kindle 3G wireless reading device.

Technology is so advanced these days that we can enjoy it to the point where we can choose to read from thousands of books and magazines at any given time, no matter where we are without looking for a book store and without even holding a single book in our hands, and here is where the amazing Kindle devices come to mind and how they can make our reading experience like never before.

Highlights of Contents

Kindle 3G

The Kindle 3G wireless reading device is a small, thin and very light device that you can take with you anywhere you please. It is so thin and light that it weighs only 8.7 ounces and that my friend is less than an actual paperback at the store. It can hold in it up to 3,500 actual magazines and books so you can read whichever book you desire just by turning the device on and never carry a single book with you, but that’s not all. Because it comes with a Wi-Fi and free 3G, you can also download even more books and magazines to it from anywhere in the world in just 60 seconds. It has a battery that can work for a whole month before you’ll need to charge it again and you can even read in bright sunlight as there is no glare effect…and these are only a few of its interesting features.

Kindle Touch

Right after the big success of the Kindle 3G reader, Amazon has decided to launched the Kindle Touch which succeeded as well. It features a touch screen, can store in it up to 3,000 real books and magazines, it also has a Wi-Fi to allow you to download more books to it and it’s battery can work for 2 months before the need to charge it which is more than the Kindle 3G. Wondering about its weight? Only 7.5 ounces. Amazing!

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire was the most anticipated device by Amazon and now it’s finally out. It is more than just a wireless reader because it is a tablet which allows you to watch movies, play games, read books and magazines, listen to music and much more and that makes it a complete portable entertainment system if you ask me. The new Kindle Fire tablet features a 7-inch screen that delivers you 16 million colors in high resolution and so, you can enjoy reading millions of books and magazines rich-in-color, play your favorite games as well as new games with amazing graphics, listen to high quality music and even watch over 100,000 movies and TV shows – All this assures you will never have a single dull moment.
Now you know a little bit more about the most popular Kindle devices on the market today and you can decide better which one is best for you. Each is a little bit different and has different features but they are all amazing and to think that no so long ago we had to carry books and hold them in our hands – crazy right?