Apple’s new baby was slated to set the cellular world on fire, but once it hit the market all it did was rain on every Apple fanatic’s parade. Amidst cries of “there’s nothing new here… oh wait a taller screen” and “why does my phone have bubbles on its screen” many wannabe iPhone users are now wondering whether they should make a beeline to another smartphone (or in this case, smart-er phone). Luckily, (or sadly, in apple’s case) there is a set of phones that can kick the iPhone 5 into the out of sight out of mind box, for most people.

Samsung’s Champion

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Samsung has a bit of a sore spot when it comes to Apple with the many patent battles and what not. But its Galaxy S III serves as the pride and joy that makes the iPhone 5 look like a joke. The phone has enjoyed brilliant ratings all around and hit the market only a handful few months before the iPhone 5 did. Samsung has a lot of the same things that the iPhone 5 has to offer, and then some. With 4G LTE, Ice Cream Sandwich, zippy dual-core processor and a brilliant camera backed by 8 mg of power, the S III is at present Apple’s worst nightmare. That’s not to say that the phone is perfect considering the screen has illuminating issues, and the S Voice has nothing on Siri in terms of performance. The phone’s current competitor isn’t iPhone 5, but the HTC One X and its plethora of features are enough to woo even the best of the lot of Apple’s iPhone fanatics.

HTC’s X Factor

TechieApps-Heavy Weight Contenders For The IPhone 5-HTC-one-x

HTC has a few good phones up its sleeve and those few good phones are far better in terms of performance than the iPhone 5. The One is a powerful machine that any user will find immensely useful. The sleek design is a large improvement over iPhone 5’s hike in screen height, and the 4.7inch display, high-end camera, Sense 4 and Ice Cream Sandwich only add to its appeal. Some users might have issues with the lack of additional memory options (the phone doesn’t come equipped with an SD card slot). Often users are miffed by the fact that the battery isn’t removable, but that’s an issue most people can ignore.

HTC’s second hand

TechieApps-Heavy Weight Contenders For The IPhone 5-EVO 4G LTE

The EVO 4G LTE is HTC’s second bomb, and is powered by Sprint. The Phone has over 4 more hours of talk time, and it’s decorated with the NFC technology that Apple failed to incorporate into their “slimmer” phone, the size of which required the firm to drop NFC completely. The size additionally has a microUSB slot and supports USB connectivity, which the iPhone 5 can’t. The 1.50 GHZ on the CPU is a definite plus as well. It additionally will allow over 32gb of additional storage with microSD and microSDHC. HTC’s design philosophy shines through this phone as well and it goes a step ahead where the iPhone fails to deliver. On the downside, however, the LTE in the name is a funny thing considering there’s a dire lack of Sprint LTE on the phone. In actuality, the phone will only run as  a 3G device, till Sprint gets its 4G network off the ground that is.

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