Google’s on an innovative spree and the talk of the town, when it comes to the advertising world. Going big recently, with its commercials for all its gadgets, Google has brought the world a new advertising lease of life. The latest commercial for Nexus 10, its main-front competitive device to iPad, is about the story of a couple who have just been ascertained about the fact that they are expecting a baby soon. The entire ad has been woven around the Nexus 10 Wi-Fi only device.

The company took the decision to focus and highlight on one feature in the commercial and it is its multi-user Android one. Google plans to take this feature into the competition and ride its way to success. This serves as an advantage and the mere fact that you can share the device with someone else also makes its stand apart. But, is it enough to capture the huge and unending market?

Well, take a plunge into the video and decide yourself:

Apple, the arch-rival, also has some features up its sleeve, though. There is the “kid-only” and the “guest” mode for the iPad, but each and everyone present in the family, wants a piece of such devices and also want to lay their hands on. When it comes to ink and videos, the features are eye-grabbing, but everyone craves to buy a device which can be shared and used by everyone present. This makes the Nexus 10 highly desirable.

There are many advantages of such devices that support a multiple-account portability. One is that you can take the device, log-in and then access your home screen and apps. Google has splendid flexible synchronization as well where you can log-in to any device out of a number of devices present close to you.

The pricing is kept at a modest $399 for the device. Google has been trying to make a foothold in the tablet and mobile market for a long time and the catch now will depend on how the company goes ahead.

The video incorporates a very well-adapted Google Play, watching movies, making searches with Google Now, being on the Hangout on Goggle+, and even reading a book. Multitasking is the flavor of the season at Google and the story has just started. Apple is not going to take it lightly and will come out with something more advanced and lucrative. So, Google always has to be on the toes when it comes to rolling out features for its OS, which have to be better than iOS. For now, the search engine giant can relax and bask in the mood, though. It’s not all about a one-on-one war, but about a constant upgradation process and changes made to the existing ones that lure users and keep them frenzy about the latest trends.

Upgrades for the 10-inch tablet are being looked forward to at the I/O conference, later this year. The glitch faced: Nexus 10 is unproductive outside the confined walls. So will you call it perfect? May be not. Your personal choice defines your taste and preference. All that Google wants to accentuate is the fact that even it has some unique features worth sharing.