Google may have revealed KitKat, its controversially entitled forthcoming new Android version yesterday but, according to new statistics disclosed today, Jelly Bean endures to be the most used version of its mobile operating system.

The newest update to Google’s Android Developer Control panel displays that, as of September 5th, the current two versions of Jelly Bean – Android 4.1.x and 4.2.x, account for 45.1 percent of all Android devices running the latest Google Play Store app. That’s up from 40.5 percent last month.

With the business concentrated on Jelly Bean, installs of Ice Cream Sandwich were obviously down from 22.5 percent in August to 21.7 percent. Honeycomb rests on a very small 0.1 percent and Froyo falls to 2.4 percent from 2.5 percent a month earlier.

The fraction of ‘lively devices — as Google terms those that run the Google Play app — driven by Gingerbread rests high at 30.7 percent, however that is dropped from 33.1 percent in August; Jelly Bean lastly overhauled the 2.5 year old formed as the most installed Android version two months earlier also..

As the table underneath indicates, Android maker is now phasing out any indication of Donut – Android 1.6, which it says accounts for below 0.1% of lively devices, as it does not support the newest version (3.2) of the Google Play application, which was made available by Google last month.


Google also proclaimed that it has passed 1 billion device activations landmark till date. That is an great number, but the manner by which Google collects its Dashboard data does not provide us any vision into how many of those smartphones/tablets are powered by each version of Android OS.

What it does quantity, though, is the application-using users that app developers can aim, which is intuitive for anyone making an Android application.

No release date for KitKat has been announced by Google, but Jelly Bean should have sufficient amount time to cross the 50 percent installation rate amongst active devices beforehand the innovative candybar-themed Android 4.4 build surpasses it..