Where everyone is preoccupied planning which tablet to buy this holiday season, Google seems to be all geared up to provide them with a different choice. Google is trying to push forward its Google Chromebook with strategically updated features, an improvded interface and lowered prices.

For those who are still a little uncertain of what the Chromebook is, it is a low scale laptop which is primarily powered by the Google’s Chrome OS. Chrome Operating System appears a lot like the Chrome Browser only it doesn’t provide any access to the Microsoft Windows Desktop underneath. It is because there is no Windows below it. Chrome Operating System is just a replication of Google and it is been slowly increasing in its popularity and adapting with the changing world to become the full featured platform strong enough to compete with the likes of Windows laptops and the ultra popular and user friendly iOS based Apple iPads.

Google introduced a file system, just this previous May, along with functional SD and card slots. This may be regarded as a big progress for the platform which is still on its initial stages and is entirely limited to working with the cloud. Chrome OS and Chromebooks are still heavily dependent on the cloud but now you can relish the liberty to side download the files or even download them in an easily accessible file area on system.

In contrast to the Windows systems and somewhat in accordance to the Apple’s iPad system and the new Amazon Kindle Fire and The Nook Tablet from the Barnes & Noble, Chromebook require no virtual set up, other than just signing into you Gmail account. Once that’s done, everything is made available to you on  your Chromebook, everything that you could access from your Gmail account, based on Windows desktop-based format. The current updates in the Chromebook doest change any of that, in fact the changes just facilitates the log in. The new changes also provides with a color change in the background from dark blue to light gray.

Chrome OS is depended on the tabs to manage multiple windows for web pages, along with the cloud based apps and files. The current up gradations on the Chromebook brings about some order in the new tab page and most importantly adds shortcuts to the file manager, music apps and games.

A regular Chromebook is not specifically a strong computer. The features offered by Chromebook includes 16 GB of SSD storage and a meager 2 GB of RAM and it may cost as high as $429. Talking about the entry level model, which offers pretty much the similar specifications, but drops the 3G support, which makes it a perquisite to have a Wi-fi connection on the Chromebook. It is available for just $299. However it still makes the Chromebook a $100 more expensive than the Amazon Kindle Fire which is available at $199 and $50 more expensive than the Barnes and Noble Nook which can be obtained at a some of $249. Although iPad still costs $499.

Will these changes make you consider buying the new Chromebook this holiday season? Are the new up gradations and technological changes suitable enough? Perhaps you may have tried the new Chromebook while traveling through Virging America Airways and completely adored it right there and then, but are you ready to bring on home? Let us know through the comments.