Google announced a host of fresh features for Google+, which includes a viral visualization for posts, a new What’s Hot area and improved photo-editing tools. Along with that, Google is at last making its Google+ accessible to Google Apps users also.

Photo editing feature in Google+ is not new but the newly added Creative Kit, which adds a broad range of pre-made and reasonably commanding photo-editing filters is. Google also used the prospect to include a unique set of Halloween filters.

Earlier today, Google snuck out the information by letting some of its executives and a selected group of famous personalities to Halloween-ize their own profile images earlier to the declaration. These effects are now accessible to all Google+ users as part of the new Creative Kit. These seem to be spontaneous and enjoyable to make use of. They do not auto-change your images into frightening Halloween surprises but provide adequate pre-sets and controls, like Vampire Eyes and Draculan Dermis to assist you to apply some attractive amusing effects to some of the 3.4 billion images Google+ members reportedly posted on the service.

Eagle-eyed users will identify controls from Picnik, which is Google’s stand-alone online photo-editing tool.

Google also introduced “What’s Hot,” a new area that appears just underneath your latest posts in Google+ and a new menu item on the right side of your account’s screen. This featurs has been designed to assist Google+ users to pick over through the “billions” of posts added to the each day.

The third feature introduced by Google for Google+ is Ripples, a new post visualization service that will assist Google+ users to recognize how their posts or news are spread among their friends and beyond.