Back in June, Google’s advertising team published a blog post, informing us that they were about to introduce an HTML5 development tool- Google Web Designer. But, Google just released it yesterday, according to a post on the company’s official Google Plus account and it is accessible in beta as a free download for Windows and Mac. The company says the new web designer tool is for generating “proficient and high-quality design” HTML5 advertisements and campaigns for Desktops and Mobiles and is available to everybody from the amateur to the designer.

Google says, advertisers “didn’t have the tools they wanted to effortlessly create adequate content for today’s cross-screen practices” and Web Designer purposes to be the tool to build these experiences.

HTML5 is broadly comprehended as the standard that everybody on the Web should implement. In case you didn’t know, Google defines HTML5 as a “universal language for developing attractive, appealing content that can operate transversely tablets, smartphones and desktops.” It is therefore the company’s expectation that Google Web Designer tool will support in making HTML5 reachable to people all over the advertising business, getting Web developers closer to the objective of “build once, run anywhere.”

Google Web designer Tool Image Sample

Check out the current features of Google Web Designer Beta below:

  • Create animated HTML5 creative, with a robust, yet intuitive set of design tools.
  • View and edit the code behind your designs and see your edits reflected back on the stage automatically.
  • Build ad creatives seamlessly for DoubleClick and AdMob, or publish them to any generic environment you choose.
  • Receive updates to the product automatically, without having to re-download the application.
  • Access all of this entirely for free.
Check out the demo video of an ad being created using web designer tool:

At its central, Web Designer is a visual tool, but you can also explore right into the CSS and JavaScript to adjust diverse feature of your website. Certainly, Web Designer lets you to control all of your code openly in an incorporated editor and permits you swiftly preview your formations in each web browser you have installed on your system.

We’re working hard to solve this development challenge by offering agencies powerful yet easy-to-use tools for HTML5 production. In this vein, we announced DoubleClick Studio Layouts for HTML5 back in August, which lets you create HTML5 ads in minutes, and last week we announced Ready Creative in AdWords, which creates HTML5 ads for you in seconds. Today, we’re excited to announce the public beta of Google Web Designer, a new professional-quality design tool that makes HTML5 creative accessible to everyone from the designer to the dabbler.

The tools come with all the typical visual design tools you are perhaps aware with. Some of the more motivating ones Google has built for Web Designer comprise a pen tool for free sketching, as well as a timeline for handling your moving pictures. Web Designer also features the capability to generate 3D content by making use of powerful CSS3, as well as a set of pre-built modules for inserted YouTube videos galleries and maps.