Seems Google has loads of surprises in store! Today Google unleashed a new Native Client Debugger and new Native Client add-in for Microsoft Visual Studios. The Debugger can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux and is incorporated in the Native Client SDK. Although add-in also requires the SDK, but to get it, you will have to run the “naclsdk update vs_addin” update command.

Let’s start with the Native Client Debugger. Based on gdb, thus dubbed nacl-gdb, it allows you to spend more time in coding features, rather than wasting time on hunting down bugs manually. If you are looking for a basic interface, then you are at the right track, but if not then you can consider the below mentioned visual studio add-in.

If you work on a total different environment that can communicate with gdb, you can consider nacl-gdb, then you would not only be able to use the same commands but would also be able to use some extra nacl-gdb commands. Check out how it looks like:


Now, let’s come to Visual studio add-in. If you are in search of a simple process for setting up, running, building and debugging your app like a pepper plug-in or Native Client module, then this is the right choice for you. You can have a glimpse of this one too:


For those who are unaware about what is Native Client (NaCl) , let us have the privilege of telling you. NaCl is a sandboxing technology that carefully eliminates the subset of Intel x86 or ARM native code by using fault isolation that is software based. Developers who are craving to write high-performance apps that runs on C and C++ code in the browser, Google offers NaCl to them that would allow them to run at near-native speeds.

Let’s cut it in short, NaCl is Google’s own way of protecting its browser plugins and applications.