Google is emphasizing its social network Google+ on the regular basis, with the new changes that started appearing this Wednesday, the day when majority of the social networks rolls out their new updates. However, Google rolled out this new feature in December,2012 in an effort to compete against Facebook Groups and the search engine giant is already advising the businesses on their official pages to start their own communities where they can interact with others.

Google+ communities are open to the world, but it can be set private so that group members can feel secure while sharing some news or information with others. People in Google+ communities can share whatever they wish with others including pics,information etc and even can held contests for or can chat with other group members.

Google Plus Daily provided the following screenshot which noticed the new message first.


Here is the original message:

Google+ Communities
Give your fans and customers a place to get together
Create an official community for your business or brand, linked directly from your Google+ page.
Bring fans closer together with community events, group video chat, and custom discussion categories.
Want tips on creating a successful community? Check out our best practices.

According to a reader, the best practices link will redirect you to a page of managing a Google+ community where the steps are given to create and manage a G+ community successfully to engage more with others, which includes everything starting from selecting categories to moderators.


Meanwhile, it is worth noting that one more new feature has been seen in Google+ this week. Google plus daily pointed Rand Wilson’s new post giving information on a new pause button for G+ communities. While going through some other posts, it has been noticed that this pause button has been noticed by other members as well but it was seemingly there from the very starting.

The only reason Google is picking up steam now a days is that the pause button will only appear when the steam will be moving at fast pace. But as communities will become more and more popular and being used by most of the businesses, more and more users will start noticing this new pause button. To be very honest, this new pause button feature, is making us to think if Twitter had something similar to this new button.