As we have stated in our post yesterday, Google has just declared the official launch of Google Wallet. Google Wallet permits you to make payment for the products by tapping your NFC- compatible Android phone against a compatible card reader.

Even if you are having an NFC-compatible Android phone, you might not be capable to use Google Wallet just yet. Google has primarily launched Wallet entirely on the Sprint Nexus S. Nexus S owners waiting for their little taste of the future.

NFC is still a comparatively a new technology with a complex network of associates and most prominently, engages your currency. Google is in fact the first corporation with the power to progress the world in the direction of NFC but even for them, it is going to be something of an mounting combat, and they will have to take things one small step at a time.

Luckily, Google has also announced their next step for the support for American Express cards, Visa and Discover.

In today’s launch, initially Google Wallet will be compatible with two payment modes: Google Pre-paid card and Citi MasterCards, which anybody with a credit card can fill up and make use of. With the announcement that they have licensed the aforesaid trio over, though, Google Wallet should develop to support any card you have got.9