There is a new buzz in the industry; the launch of the much awaited Google music store.  According to several opinions this is a move seen to counter competition from Apple iTunes and There is a lot of speculation of the opening of this facility and the names of companies with which the company will have a tie-up to sell their music. Reports are doing rounds of impending deals the company is in the process of signing with some of the biggest names in the music industry. It is widely understood that a lack of this will however affect the project’s viability especially to sustain the existing competition From Apple Inc. and

Reports are doing rounds that despite efforts to sign deals with big music corporations like Sony Music and Warner Music Group Google music store is yet to finalize any formal agreement so far.  The only agreement that has been signed is with EMI Group even though this has not been officially confirmed. Among the various facilities available here users will be able to access the Music Beta facility; with this users will be able to store their chosen music in the cloud and then download the same onto their various devices. These will include smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops and desktops. Though this service was released earlier on its availability was not feasible owing to the lack of music resources. So far users cannot buy or download any music from the facility; but here they can store their own music and sort out the playlists.

With a successful launch of the Google music store it would bring resources to android Smartphone users in the same way as Apple iTunes brings to iphone, ipad and ipod users. It would be a complete facility that the company will be able to provide the ever increasing users of the android phones. For many this is seen as a business move that is aimed at bringing better and focused services to its patrons and users rather than emphasizing on competing with others in the industry. The success of the ongoing talks with four major music companies will effectively determine the extent to which android users will be able to enjoy the concept of the Music Beta in its entirety.

The whole progress of the launch of the Google music store is shrouded in deep mystery. Much of what is written and spoken of it is based on earnest speculation and observation. There has been no official confirmation on any aspect of the ongoing progress made in this sphere. It is also understood that the official launch of the store is only a few weeks away even though the company has maintained strict and perfect silence about it. There is a lot of expectations among users and buyers of android phones who are looking forward to it. In addition to the music downloads and choices that would be available.

Google is also expected to initiate several innovative features and applications aimed at provide a wide array of related services.