After the launch of iPhone 5, the much hyped iOS maps failed to create an impression on the users because of some inaccuracy found in its data and other shortcomings as compared to the Google-powered app. Therefore, Google is all set to grab the opportunity by launching its new mapping app for the iOS.

According to the report by The Wall Street Journal Google is “putting the finishing touches”, means Google is testing this new version of mapping service before it is submitted for approval to the App Store.

This report comes after Nokia announced a new mapping app for iOS called Here Maps that will be launched in the next few weeks.

According to the sources: “The forthcoming Google Maps app for the iPhone is expected to contain turn-by-turn navigation that would allow people to use it like a GPS device while driving.”

A Google spokesperson quoted that “We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps in the world,”. He further added “Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system.”

As Google maps app for Android already have this navigation feature, the speculation were that Google would withhold this special feature for its own platform. But Google crushed all these rumors by playing a head to head battle with Apple. Personally we think that, making this app available for the Apple devices will not harm Google, Instead it will show Google’s prowess and grip on the mapping industry.