Google Keep, a note taking application briefly appeared online for half an hour at and went offline but not before Android Police spotted it and took some screenshots of it.

Google Keep is somewhat similar to Google Notebook service, as Android Police notes which facilitated users to fetch and organize the information from the web but the service was later discontinued in January 2009 and Evernote was swift to welcome the Notebook users and has been considered as a good replacement to Google Notebook service.

Earlier Android Police spotted a source code which suggested that the Search Engine giant was planning this service at . They later discovered that desktop version has already been made live yesterday. The Google Keep service went offline shortly after the discovery by Android Police which clearly indicated that service appeared accidentally earlier to the world before it was actually planned by the company. This was not the first time Google Keep has been spotted, in July 2012, Google added the screenshot of Google Keep by mistake in one of its posts on Google+ which had ‘Save To Google Keep’ label in it.

The disappeared service Keep also included an option for search – as it can be expected from the world’s best search engine makers and swiftly coming into the sight and suddenly disappearing is quite interesting. This might be the case that the service appeared too early to the world and the official declaration will be made in few days or someone at Mountain View(Google’s HQ) clicked the wrong button mistakenly.

The screenshots captured by Android Police indicates that interface has been designed for mobile and allows users to quickly and easily create notes, add images etc but it seems that ‘Keep’ had no initial incorporation with other Google services like Gmail, Google Now, Google Calender, Google plus etc.

If Google Keep goes live  officially, then it will compete with already established note-taking services like OneNote, Pocket and EverNote.