Google has been injecting new life and incorporating new design changes in Google+ to make it all the more appealing. The search engine giant has announced that the users of its social networking site will be able to utilize a new search filter for images.

Elaborating more on the topic, the officials made a quick revelation that search queries can now be filtered so as to enable the display of photo only posts. There was no mention of Google+ Hangouts, communities, events or status update-like posts. The entire focus was on image-related posts.

Way back in 2011, during the Web 2.0 Summit, Google’s social head Vic Gundotra had made a smart notification that over 3.4 billion photos had been shared on Google+ within 100 days. This service will be mainly looked forward to by photographers as socializing on Google+ is much better than what had been expected from Flickr.

The considerable turning point that works in Google’s favor is the fact that the search engine giant has made it more easy to post photos. Presence of auto-uploading capabilities through its mobile apps and importing through Google Drive has further added more vulnerability.

Illustrated below is a snapshot of what additions are made. Hope you will get a clear feel of the feature.