Doodles are a great way to spend your time on the giant’s home page, itself. We all have been captivated by the presence of these doodles and have spent time either playing with them or reading about the history depicted through them.

Creativity at its best was depicted through this artform and the search engine giant has decided to revert back and look over the designs that had made a remarkable impact. From going retro to enabling us to perform live streaming to celebrating the Olympics to informing us about legends, Google touched everything that was historic and important. This gives us a reason to do a quick recap….

The New Year’s Eve Doodle has been created by clubbing the ones from the past year. There are a series of links that help you select your favourite one and enjoy.

Not to forget, the Doodles made for Halloween and Brothers Grimm, were the most interactive ones from the past year. Detailed insights on them is present on the Google’s Doodle page.

We have taken the liberty to select a few of the Doodles which have made a striking impact on the minds of people all over. The New Year’s Doodle is live in the UK, Asia and other countries. So let your fingers do the typing and eyes the rest. Happy Doodling…!


Halloween – October 31


200th Anniversary of Grimm’s Fairy Tales – December 20


Bram Stoker’s 165th Birthday – November 8

Luiz Gonzaga’s 100th Birthday (br) – Dec 13

Day of the Dead 2012  – November 2 (Mexico)

Basketball 2012 – Aug 8


Día de las Velitas – Dec 7

Thanksgiving 2012  – November 22 (US)

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson´s 180th Birthday – Dec 8


The end of the Mayan 13th Baktun – December 21

Veterans Day 2012 – November 11 (US)