Google’s Flipboard-like Currents App has been lagging behind the Android version in terms of features and failed to grab user’s attention regardless of of bringing magazine like reading experience to the smartphones. Also, it is one of the less recurrently updated apps for iOS in Google’s store. But in an effort to pick up some lost stream, the Currents App for iOS got a pretty solid updates from the search engine giant yesterday that includes the addition of audio playlists along with a couple of other interesting features.

You can snag the latest updated Currents App directly from the Apple’s App Store.

Firstly, this update brings audio playlists feature to the iOS devices which were released for the Android version a while ago. In short, the company has bought the same audio experience from Android over to iOS devices that makes listening to audio clips more expedient and also, you can now create a playlist with any audio clips in your currents feeds.


In addition to the audio playlists, the company has also made the interface more visually-appealing and included a few handy tweaks like pinch-in-zoom motion for the images. Next up is the option to paginate the articles vertically. This addition is for you if want to evade long-form of reading in a particular big block of text. This pagination feature has been added by Google surely to enhance the reading experience of the users.

For those, who are not aware about the Currents App, it is a social magazine app which was launched in December 2011. Although, this app has not seen a good amount of downloads and purchases but it is wondered that one day the search engine giant could incorporate into one of its popular product. But till date this assumption has not been carried out.

The full Google Currents version 2.1 for iOS changelog:

  • Audio Playlist support for editions.
  • Vertical pagination for articles.
  • Pinch-to-zoom on photos.
  • Bug fixes and interface polish.

For now, though, Google looks impeccably content with just introducing infrequent updates for the iOS app but unluckily, none of the updates have been predominantly attention-grabbing enough to acquire a lot of users abruptly interested.