Cloud printing, most commonly known as mobile printing has made our lives more easy. If you have forgotten to print a document before leaving your house or workplace, you need not go back and get the prints. Instead you can get them directly at FedEx Office all over the U.S. FedEx allows you all the cloud printing capabilities, no matter you are on vacation, work or some personal matters. All the FedEx offices support various cloud printing options from Google Drive, Drop box, Google Docs, etc.

Google mentioned his latest feature on the Google+ page, which directs the interested visitors to the FedEx website for more information. FedEx – the logistic company has updated their latest feature of Print & Go service to the users, but have not updated any tutorial for the ease of the novice users.

Google Drive, which was launched in April has the storage capacity of 5GB. This was launched among the other products struggling for the position in the cloud printing world. But lately, revealed that Google focuses on corporate customers than individual users. Still millions of people are using Drive to create, print and share the files online. They are also using Google Docs to access the same from any device.

The Mountain View, Calif., company integrated the feature of photo sharing to Google+ not long after the initial release. More recently, Singaporean startup InSync launched a service that backs up and syncs email attachments to Google Drive.