Google is reportedly working on a features-rich set-top box to confront other alike services like Apple TV and Roku. The Wall Street Journal reports that earlier in January, at Consumer Electronic Show, the search engine giant privately exhibited its mysterious device which was in the prototype stage. The set-top box is said to include a motion sensor and a video camera for Google Plus Hangouts.

This news comes in hot after the company’s newest streaming device, Chromecast, which lets consumers to beam content from their mobile handsets to a High Definition TV sets. The secretive device apparently powered by Android OS.


Many Tech giants are giving importance to the TV or at least that is what the buzz claims. Even Intel stepping into the quarrel with some sort of on-demand service. iPhone maker, too, is supposedly making some kind of streaming device that could let users to hop advertisements. Google has tried to enter in the TV market earlier also, but got very restricted success.

It was clear from the Google’s event this week that, Chromecast is just a section of the mystery to reside in the living room. Also, the company confirmed that Google TV will be supported by the Chromacast streaming technology.

Andy Rubin, Former Google executive said the device could stream TV shows and movies from Google Play, as well as YouTube videos. Also, Android apps and other video streaming services like Pandora and Netflix could be accessed from the device. While similar to Chromecast, this device is reportedly to be much more independent as it doesn’t need any other device to power it. At the least, the awe-inspiring customer reactions to the Chromecast, which initially came with a substantial Netflix advertising that speedily sold out, should aid authenticate the Chrome and Google TV teams’ determinations to amplify the TV.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP for Android told AttThingsD a couple of days back that Google TV is soon going to be a “full-fledged Android for television”. He also provoked that more associates would be declared at next year’s CES.

With Microsoft promoting its next-generation console as an “all-in-one entertainment system” and Apple interfering with its Apple TV diversion, the search engine giant will discover itself up against severe rivalry next year as it moves ahead with Google TV. But still, it is a trillion-dollar market, so it is not expected to get too jam-packed in the coming months.