Google and Bing suggested searches are a running meme, and for good reason users’ emotions and views about the certain products can be unleashed. This can be exciting, or saddening, and sometimes even both.

The search queries suggestion screenshots below were taken in a concealed session of Google Chrome, which shows that no user was logged in to either Bing or Google. Now, Google, will tell us what Windows 8 ‘is:’


Users on Google are giving Windows 8 a firm one out of four i.e. 25% positive result. Is this is a fair metric? Of course not. Now, lets check the screenshot below of what users on Bing are searching for Windows 8:


Bing shows two positive results out of eight, which means that only 25% positive result which is not so good. It can be noted that the insults on Bing are precise and the praise is comprehensive. Moreover, ‘ugly,’ and ‘Confusing’ words, are far more on-the-nose than ‘great.’ or ‘awesome’ .

Definitely, it would be interesting and humorous to point out how Microsoft’s own search engine is suggesting more of negative results that will certainly have negative impact on its core product Windows OS sales. Bing and Google are the Western search market at this point of time. If this is what consumers are looking for, the company could have most of its home work left in terms of educating the general people regarding the benefits and new features about its aspiring newly launched platform Windows 8.

The first rumor of internal saddening situation with Windows 8′s sales figures are out which we covered in our recent blog post. It is now Microsoft’s work to pick a bulletin and try to stick to it. It will be interesting to see what and how the company will do in the coming few months in order to give a boost to its newly launched Windows 8 sales numbers.

Just for fun, we can compare the two screenshots above of Google and Bing queries to what Windows 7 provokes using a same search process. Here you go:



What is the main problem? A problem in Windows 7 can inform its consumers that their copy of Windows 7 is infact not authentic and is instead fake. To get more information on this issue, Microsoft has a help page for users.

Unhappily, there is not much from the Windows 7 results to compare with the search results of windows 8; search queries for Windows 7 are more operative, whereas Windows 8′s search queries are more related with its new launch in the market.

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