Almost everyone have their own Facebook account. Each user has an average of 130 friends over Facebook. Just so you know, Facebook is not just about fun — it’s also getting more for your business. For marketers, Facebook is a great medium to get the message across quicker and more efficiently. Here are four fascinating facts about Facebook that probably never crossed your mind.

Many marketers are still missing out a great amount of free advertising by missing out Facebook. With such a huge pool of consumers in one site, many businesses are taking advantage of this to get ahead of the competition. When used appropriately, fan pages helps companies accomplish marketing tasks at a faster pace in less time possible. Since you already know the basics of why Facebook became such a world-wide success, here are some fascinating stuffs about Facebook that might interest you.

Facebook is Multi-Cultural

The number of Facebook users going online and checking out statuses is quite immense. However, about 70 percent of Facebook users are located outside U.S. Now this is something that every marketer should take advantage of! If you’re planning to take your company or business on a world-wide scale, then Facebook makes it easier to reach millions of consumers with just a click of the button.

There are over 500 million active users using Facebook every day. If someone ‘likes’ your business page, there’s a possibility of reaching about 130 people for each person ‘liking’ your page. Not only that, they’re also associated to about 80 pages, events and groups. With such a massive amount of users browsing Facebook every day, you won’t have a hard time getting clients to purchase or avail services from your company or business.

Women Aging 55 to 65 Are the Largest Growing users of Facebook

The number of users in Facebook is women from the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation. For businesses that are into cosmetics and skin care, Facebook is a great place to advertise your products and services. The spread of recommendations from Facebook purchasers will likely share this with their friends or family members.

The Range of Applications is Limitless

Facebook also have applications that will work for your business’s advantage. An average Facebook user is likely to create about 90 sections of content. For marketers, using events, groups and fan pages are great applications to help maximize your Facebook visibility.

Huge Companies Also Has Their Own Facebook Page

Coke, Starbucks, Chanel and Vitamin Water are some of the largest companies that have a Facebook page. Vitamin Water gathered a large number of followers by just creating a fun contest online.

Every twenty minutes, Facebook users are sharing links and photos, tag people in their comments or photos, invite friends or family for events, upload photos, make comments and send messages. In whatever activity, Facebook is creating a social media frenzy that got everyone hooked to using it.

Furthermore, research also showed that Facebook is slowly becoming a part of our daily lives. The way Facebook is making its way in various media outlets, it’s no wonder it’s the biggest and most resourceful site to share to the world what you think!

Facebook is a rapidly growing site that brings people of all ages, ethnicity and culture. For whatever the purpose, this site is a great way to have fun and still get your business ahead of track. For the millions users using Facebook, this is a great way for everyone to socialize and change the way your market grows.

Author Bio: Sam is a blogger and a contributing writer for the conversion optimization service Invesp.