Who doesn’t want to earn a few extra bucks? In the ‘smart world’ it has just become easier to make money. Believe it or not there are a number of apps that let you make fast money with just a few minutes of fiddling and visiting a few locations. Whether you are a smart-phone addict teenager or like to move around in the town and click pictures these apps allow you to make money performing a few online or offline tasks. So here are five of the most popular apps that let you make money.

Rewardable (iOS and Android)
This is an interesting app that pays you for specific tasks that you would have to perform. There are basically two kinds of tasks. The first category is that of online tasks that can be completed using your smartphones or tablets. In the second category of tasks you need to walk into a store and answer a few questions and take a few pictures. The data collected is used for secret shopper tasks or testing the functionality of a website or app.


Gigwalk (iOS and Android)
This app is gaining fast popularity and pays you money for doing some simple tasks around the town. You can sign up for a free account and perform tasks such as clicking pictures of different retail stores. The payment is quite handsome and you are paid in ranges between $5 and $20 for every gig that you perform. But most of your tasks need to be approved beforehand.

EasyShift (iOS)
For the record it isn’t that easy! This app lists odd jobs that can fetch you a few extra dollars in your pocket. There are very few easy online tasks and for most of the tasks you would need to visit the location and in fact there is such a need where the money is. There is an endless stream of tasks and thus you have the options to choose the ones that meet your liking.

iPoll (IOS and Android)
If you are one of those who constantly participates in opinion polls, iPoll is just custom made for you. This app pays users to gather market research data. You would be asked to complete surveys in exchange for cash. Most of the missions are location-based and you this might require you to physically go to the business and answer multiple choice questions about your likes and dislikes.

GymPact (iOS and Android)
It not only lets you make money but also stay healthy! Here users set a workout schedule for the next seven days and they would have to pledge a sum between $5 and $50 per missed workout session. Users who skip work sessions have to pay and the money would be split between users who have kept up to the targets set for the workouts. The workout sessions are verified using check-ins and geolocation. It can also be used simultaneously with apps such as RunKeeper.

So what are you waiting for? If you love to fiddle with your smartphones these apps offer you the perfect chance to make your wallet happy!