If you really like updating things from the Internet, then there is a good news for you. Mozilla, on Tuesday officially released Firefox 21 for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android. The main highlight of this new release is the addition of some more social providers other than Facebook on the desktop and Android platform.

The new desktop version of Firefox 21 was made available for download last night only at Mozilla FTP servers but it was just initial release of the new version. Firefox 21 is now officially released and users would be able to upgrade it automatically.

Firefox for Desktop

Firefox’s integration with Facebook has now been extended to include other partners msnNOW, Mixi and Cliqz.

Mozilla says it developed the feature “to enable social providers to integrate directly into Firefox to make your browsing experience more social, customizable and personal.”

In other words, the integration lets you keep up with the latest social happenings without having to switch between, or open new, tabs. This is done with a Firefox sidebar featuring your content or notification buttons directly on the browser’s toolbar.

Once Firefox is upgraded, a toolbar will be installed on your browser window featuring your content and notification buttons. These integrations will then enable users to get the latest social happenings without opening new tabs. For example, Cliqz users will now be able to see all the contents recommendations, can view twitter commentary and share any news across their friends network, all without actually visiting their Cliqz account and that too without any delay.

Once you upgrade Firefox, Cliqz can be activated here.

The Social API, Mozilla writes, “has endless potential for integrating social networks, e-mail, finance, music, cloud possibilities, services, to-do lists, sports, news and other applications into your Firefox experience.” Now that it has landed in the Firefox stable, chances are we will see a number of additional integration in the near future.

Mixi integration is only available to users in Japan. This integration allows you stay in touch with your friends on the Japanese social networks and provides you with the real-time stream of images and comments shared by your friends directly on your browser.

With MsnNow integration, you can stay up-to-date with real-time stream showing the trending topics, people searching and sharing most on the Internet  The activity stream can be customized as per your interest to show any particular trending topic on the sidebar dropdown menu list.

To activate msnNow, click here.

Similar to what Microsoft is doing with its browser IE, Mozilla will also provide its Firefox users with the suggestion on How to augment the app’s start-up time with the new Firefox Health Report(FHR) . FHR has been designed by the company to monitor browser’s performance and providing tools to fix potential bugs.

Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android platform has also been updated to version 21 and the company has provided support for two new open-source fonts “Open-Sans” & “Charis” which will now only enhance the reading experience but will also make the visual more appealing.

The new version also consists of some HTML5 compatibility enhancements and ability to save media files by long-tapping and access to your recent websites on the browser via back and forward buttons on the browser window.