Are you still facing some problem in sharing photographs with your friends on Facebook? Well, social media giant – Facebook is going to allow you real-time sharing of photographs among your friends in the form of a postcard.

You might be wondering how it will work? Let us tell you that you would get to see a “Mail a postcard” buton at the bottom of the photos you are viewing. Just click on the button, a screen will open up and there you would need to enter the email address of the recipient. You would also get an option to enter a personal message for the person, this would be included in the photo. Some of the testers said that this feature works on private photos only, they are not able to send public photos to their friends. Though testing is still going on its functionality, you might get the full-fledged feature to email the desired photo to your friends. As per the reports, this latest feature is powered by Sincerely, the makers of Postagram. This feature can be used in the phone as well, the app would cost you somewhere around $.99.

This feature would work as the traditional postcard, photo on the front side of the card and backside would include the personalized message and the address. You can type your friend’s address if you know it, else you can ask him/her for the physical address, as shown in the picture.

A Facebook representative revealed that they are trying to figure out several pricing points before finalizing on the cost of the application. Do you think that the idea of physical photo sharing would work wonders to the Facebook users?? Share your ideas and thoughts through the comments section below.