Less than two months after revealing its plans to buy Instagram for $1 billion, Facebook has unveiled an iOS app that looks and works almost similar to Instagram’s.

Facebook Camera app, which is now available for downloading in the Apple’s App Store for free, sincerely augments upon the photo capabilities provided by Facebook’s primary app for iPod touch devices and iPhone.

Like Instagram, your friend’s most recent photos are displayed in a single scrolling feed. You can also now upload multiple photos to Facebook at the same time; Facebook’s main application enables you to upload your pics one at a time only. And like Instagram, the app permits you to crop, rotate and apply filters to your pics.

Facebook product manager Dirk Stoop told The New York Times that none of the camera app’s 15 filters were designed and developed by the Instagram team.

This Camera App is the second mobile application committed to one of Facebook’s main features. The first, a dedicated messaging app which was launched in last April. These applications, we think, are smart ideas: Facebook simply has lot of features and tools to combine into a single mobile application.

It’s expected that more such apps will be launched this year by Facebook. In an address to 200 investors leading up to Facebook’s IPO earlier this month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals that number-one priority of Facebook’s is mobile.