Have you always wished to have some way in which you would not get updates in your news feeds from certain random friends? Are you tired of seeing posts from random Facebook friends but do not have the time to put them in the Acquaintance list?

Facebook revealed a new suggestion tool on Wednesday which allows the users to refine their News Feed sections, by suggesting the friends they may not be really interested in getting the News Feed updates from.

The site, upon itself will suggest the users to add some of the friends in the Acquaintance list, and hence you will get fewer updates from the same in your News Feed section. The suggestions would be based on the fact that how much you are interacting with those users. Once you have added the user in the list, you will “see them less in News Feed but nothing else will change,” Facebook said in a blog post.

“When you add friends to your Acquaintances list they won’t be unfriended or notified,” Facebook said. “You’ll just see fewer of their posts in news feed.”

With the help of these features, you will get the updates in your News Feed section particularly from your Close Friends. Facebook already added the section of Close Friends and Acquaintance, back in September 2011, in order to allow the users to refine their News Feed section.

In order to access this tool, all you have to do is visit the Friends Page and click on the Acquaintance list. There after click on the See All Suggestions and customize the News Feed section.

So what do you feel about this latest feature? Are there any other tools that you wish Facebook would implement, in order to further refine user experience? Let us know through your comments.