Going by the reports of The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has finally decided to go public, on of its most anticipated move, anything between April to June, next year.

The report which claims that people close to the matter have themselves revealed the information says that Facebook is playing around with the idea of raising $ 10 billion in the initial public offering, which will escalate its value to $100 billion. Interestingly the reports carries a stark similarity to a report which was released in June, describing the similar expected valuation of Facebook.

If Facebook is able to realize its expected valuation next year, it will make its IPO one of the largest in the history, perhaps will land it in the 10 largest IPOs of all time and will be four folds bigger than Google;s $23 billion IPO in the year 2004.

However to witness the legendary IPO of Facebook, curious readers may have to wait a little longer. While some of the rumors strongly conveys that the IPO will be held in the first quarter of 2012, but the recent reports states that the public offering may be pushed to “September or later.”

Though in the end, The Wall Street Journal maintained that Facebook has not yet taken the final decision internally about filing for the public and offering and the timing of the same and that in the end, it will be the market condition which will help the company assess how much money they wish to generate and what is the present value of the company at that time.