Facebook has revealed that as part of its effort to make addresses uniform across its social networking site, the company will begin consolidate the Facebook email addresses of its users and the unique vanity URLs, somewhat pushing its messaging system and email in the process.

Today, the company said it will begin sending out notifications to its users that have not already defined their Facebook vanity URL and email address, but points out that if users have selected their vanity URLs already and set up messaging will not have to do so.

Facebook has provided a screenshot of what the notification will look like, providing users an option to alter the way how people reach on their profile.

Facebook desires a more unified you, will begin consolidating your Timeline addresses with your Facebook email.

Facebook unveiled custom usernames in 2009, enabling its users to select a custom URL (like facebook.com/smith) that would make it simpler for people to quickly and easily find their friends and family, instead of depending upon the incorporated search tool.

This was followed by the rolling out of a dedicated messaging platform in 2010, which combines email, instant messaging along with its its popular Messaging service by providing its users with an email address that people could make use of to send messages to any Facebook account from outside Facebook.

This notification will intimate users that Facebook’s messaging system exists and could serve as a method to boost up its drive interaction and usage.