The issues regarding the right to privacy of the users just does not seem to rest. In the recent development, it has been revealed that various major Internet companies like Facebook, Flickr, and Yahoo etc have an access to the various text messages and photographs which are being shared via smartphones. In fact, a lot of mobile phone apps has provided their developers the right to go through such content.

The Daily Mail has reported that many innocent phone users are unaware of the fact that at the time to agreeing to the terms and conditions, they actually end up permitting these companies to access and evaluate the same.

In certain other cases, the apps on its own resume the right to collect all the images which are being viewed by the users through their phones.

In fact the confessions have come from Facebook, Flicks, Badoo, and Yahoo etc who have admitted that they have read the text messages through their Android smartphone apps. The same was reported by the Sunday times.

Daniel Rosenfeild, who is the director of the business pertaining to app development etc, whose products get downloaded at the rate of 5 thousand each day, said that this request is done by the advertisers.

“You can sell your app but the revenue you get from selling your apps doesn’t touch the revenue you get from giving your apps away for free and just loading them with advertisements,” he was quoted as saying.

The report also believe that Twitter has copied the entire list of email addresses and phone numbers of all the people who would access its smartphone application. The same information was taken and stored on the server, with the essential user permission.

The late technology genius and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs spoke about the problems posed by these apps which challenges the privacy of the users. He warned that there are so many advertisers that “want to take a lot of your personal data and suck it up”.