Typo gives an embarrassing experience at times, when making a perfect comment that turned out to be popular, read by numerous people in seconds, we did not get time to fix the same. The only option we were left with was to DELETE the comment and write a fresh one. This was really irritating and annoying too, the same was felt by Facebook that end up with rolling out the ability to edit the comments.

This is one of the coolest things that Facebook is going to do, but there is again a twist in the story. It will show the edit history of the comments as well, this will denote which comments are original and which ones have been edited. This new feature would be available for all the Facebook users in a couple of days.

Although some Facebook users told that this feature was already available to them, as they click on the “x” button, an edit window opens that allows them to edit their comments for a limited time.

Well, this could be with some special users.. Are you one of them?? Or you are still waiting for this comments editing feature to be rolled out??