Larry Page, Chief Executive at Google discloses that the giant search engine is still waiting for Facebook to unlock the user-data and allow the Google users to share data from their Facebook account as well. We all know that Google and Facebook have had a long, aloof relationship and with the setting added by Google to allow the Facebook users to import their contacts and several other details of the users.

As per the VentureBeat reports, Larry Page speaks to Charlie Rose, host at US talk show that Facebook needs to open its user data to allow the users to share their contacts between two parties or services like Facebook and Google. This would offer significant benefits to the users. The page says that it would be really gloomy that Facebook has been pretty closed with their data. The Google API wish to reciprocate the services with Facebook to share the data, but Facebook did not, it proved to be one of the great reasons of disconnection between the two. Due to this reason, the world’s most popular websites do not work on a same path now.

Larry page says: “From a user’s perspective, you say… I’m joining Facebook. I want my contacts. In Google, we said, fine. You can get them from Google. And the issue we had is that then, Facebook said, no, Google, you can’t do the reverse. And so we just said, well, users don’t understand what they’re doing. They’re putting data in, and they don’t understand they can’t take it out. So we said, well, we’ll only participate with people who have reciprocity. And we’re still waiting.”

We got to know that Google enjoys reciprocation with other services/ sites, over which the page says that it is really important because “you don’t want to be holding your users hostage”.

The launch of Google+ has suppressed the issue somewhat. It gave a potential threat to the development and services of Facebook.

After this, Mark Zukerberg states that the Google team has built a little Facebook. Over which Bradley Horowitz, chief Google+ fired back that they are “Happy to be underestimated” by their rival company. But actually the truth is that there is actually a significant difference between the two. Facebook has more than 900 million users all over the world, while Google+ has 170 million users till date and this is a huge gulf between the two. Facebook has become one of the web’s most influential websites for its users, while Google+ is struggling really hard today.