Christmas is round the corner and it is that time of the year again when all people think of is to celebrate and have a merry time with family and friends. And in today’s technology dominated era, rules by gadgets and gizmos like iPads, one can even celebrate in a variety of ways. And since the festive season is around, there are plethora of amazing and some absolutely free Christmas iPad apps available. So have you installed any of such apps on your iPad? If you have, great! In case you haven’t, you are seriously going to miss out on much of the fantastic stuff. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install some amazing and free Christmas apps on your iPad. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of ten most amazing Christmas apps for your iPad. Read further to find out about different apps.

App 1- Christmas Countdown

Now when the Christmas is around, it certainly can get better if you have an app called Christmas countdown. In fact, this should be the number one app on your list of downloads. Moreover, this app is one of the most favorite free iPad app for Christmas. This app will let you have an up-to-the-minute countdown to ensure that you are up and ahead with others and do not lose time.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Christmas Countdown

App 2- Christmasfy Me

There is another free app called Christmasfy Me. How about christmasfying yourself and your friends this Christmas? Well, you can certainly do that by downloading this app called Christmasfy Me. With the help of this great app, you can easily customize a picture and add Christmas decor to it quickly. This is not all. You can save it and later either send it via email or upload it to Facebook or even share it on Twitter.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Christmasfy Me

App 3- Christmas Spell Lite

This app can prove to of much fun. During the cold Christmas weather, you can relax, get cozy, and make use of this wonderful app. This app provides letters that gently float on snowflakes and are inside a snow globe. You can chill and have a great time by guessing the scrambled words. All you need to do is to touch and rearrange each letter. No better way to enjoy the Christmas chill along with this app all wrapped in a blanket.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Christmas Spell Lite

App 4- Holiday Gift Guide

This is certainly one of the most sought after apps. This absolutely free app will help you plan your budget. Using this app you can easily shop adhering to you budget list without making your budget go aflutter. This is how this app works- prepare a shopping list and assign a budget for every individual that you have marked in your gift list. It has a dashboard in front that lets you have a quick overview of all your budget details and lots more.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Holiday Gift Guide

App 5- Call.Santa

With the spirit of Christmas around, it is time to make some of your wishes come true. Yes, you an do that by downloading this app called Call.Santa. As the name suggests, you can use this app for your children. With this app, children can listen to wonderful Christmas stories that too with great background music. You can also personalize your messages by selecting from a wide range of names. This app will certainly bring a smile to your child’s face.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Call.Santa

App 6- Elf Command

This is another free and a fun to use app. This Elf Command app is basically a Christmas themed time management game from Retro Dreamer. This is an interesting game to play where you would be an Elf working in Santa’s workshop. Your job would to be to ensure that all the presents are kept in the right boxes.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Elf Command

App 7- Fuzzle Christmas

Tis app is a free Christmas edition of Fuzzle. Sounds great, does not it? But beware, this game can be really addictive. In this game you are required to group the same color balls into the line of five. Once you do this, the balls will disappear. However, when you make you next move new balls will appear and you will have to stay with the board not filled to the limit for as long as you can.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Fuzzle Christmas

App 8- Christmas Puzzles

This time round, you can add extra zing to make your whole Christmas experience a fantastic one. This app gives you some great Christmas puzzles to exercise your brain while you relax on a couch with a cup of hot chocolate. Test your Christmas quotient with this app. There can not be a better option to unwind and relax if you are in a mood to celebrate Christmas by relaxing and having a quiet time. Grab your iPad and relax by working on the puzzles.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Christmas Puzzles

App 9- Christmas Sounds

Mention Christmas and all of us can already hear the Jingle bells at the back of our heads. In fact, Christmas is associated with all the melodious and beautiful tunes. This Christmas you can make your Christmas more melodious by downloading this free app called Christmas Sounds. With this app, you can enjoy great tunes like Santa’s signature Ho Ho Ho sound, Church bells, ‘We wish you Merry Christmas’, and last but not the least the sleigh bells.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Christmas Sounds

App 10- Winter Snow Globes

It’s time to make your iPad turn into a snow globe. Experience the virtual winter by downloading this app on your iPad.

Download Christmas iPad Apps – Winter Snow Globe