It’s our privilege to proclaim that the Digg iOS App 2.1 is now available with the newfound support for Newsrooms and will enable you to comment on the stories besides there are more features, waiting to be explored.

Digg has released its App 2.1 for the iPhone or iPod Touch (running iOS 4.2 and newer) as well, which will support the Newsrooms, commenting, and a lot more.


Now with this app, you can easily browse through a list of Newsrooms and see your subscriptions (in blue), in addition to other features:

Once in a newsroom, you can decide whether to follow or un-follow it and can read both the top stories on the Frontpage and also explore the new stories in the Newswire to submit.

It provides an uncomplicated reading experience by enabling you to switch to Top News or Newswire with the top-left button menu and also to use filters such as “30 Days” shown below:


You have the liberty now to provide feedback on any news items.


Share the story on your Twitter account using the Tweet option from the Share menu on any story.

Other changes

It is now very easy to logout from the app. All you need to do is just tap on the Digg logo and hold your finger on it for 2 seconds and you’ll see the logout menu. If next time you need to perform a task that requires an account, you’ll be asked to log in again.

Certain Performance and Resilience improvements have been made for convenient loading story lists, individual stories, and comment threads.

The application is been tried and tested and is confirmed to be compatible with iOS 5.