Are you organizing a party soon and need to send hundreds of invitations to your loved ones? Or, If you are a part of an organization and need to notify all your co-workers about the scheduled meeting? Or, If you are a social person and like to stay in touch with all your acquaintances all the time? Then, is just the thing you might be looking for, an answer to all your needs and a solution to all your problems!!!

More About DialMyCalls

DialMyCalls is a web-based application that enables you to record your message and then deliver it to as many users as you want. It is a new VOIP service and is loaded with more features like customizing the user list over its predecessors. Most of us still rely on text messages for sending information to the concerned people, DialMyCalls takes this technology a step forward and allows you to send voice messages at easy and cheaper rates.Its features are quite similar to those of Mr. Phone Tree, an app for iOS. You can record your message on your phone, select the recipients from the list, date and time, and the message will be delivered to the selected recipients on time. DialMyCalls is used by churches, sports leagues, politicians, businesses and thousands of non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada.They offer voice messaging, text messaging as well as a free service for new users to try out their system.


This app owes its popularity to its large number of attractive features. Some of them are:

1. It is free for trial and use. You need not cut down on your bank account for the trial purpose. Just sign-up for free and readily make 25 calls per week. This feature is highly useful for the small organizations and groups.

2. One of the best features of DialMyCalls is its competent technical support team. They are always by your side when you need them. Just call on 1-800-928-2086 or reach them through their online support system.

3. Maintaining customer privacy and data security are another important features offered by DialMyCalls.

4. It provides you a detailed call report to acknowledge what happened at each call you made. As soon as you send a message to a stream in your contacts, it notifies you the status with a detailed delivery report.

5. The voicemail detection system will make sure that even if the person isn’t there to personally receive your message, it is dropped in his voicemail box.

6. One of the unique features of DialMyCalls is its Polling System. You can now comfortably send a poll through your phone and see the response of the receivers as soon as you bombard messages.

DialMyCalls iPhone and Android App

DialMyCalls can also be used while on the go with their mobile app. DialMyCalls app can be used by iPhone and Android phone users. You can simply download this app and get started. DialMyCalls for android phones is also collaborated with website so that you can now manage your account from both the places.Voice broadcasting service is absolutely free. With DialMyCalls android and iPhone app, users can send out voice and text messages instantly to thousand of people.


Pricing Plans also allows its customers to choose from a varied options of pricing plans. There are two kind of plans for high volume users: High Volume Pay as Go Credit Packages and High Volume Unlimited Monthly Plans. In the credit packages, you can buy credits at a fixed price, each credit is equal to 30 seconds call, and credits never expire, these plans make your call price more economical. The unlimited monthly plan is best-suited for the large organizations to help them promote their products over a huge circle of customers. Here, the package is decided by number of contacts. Each call can be extended up to 2 minutes, and the plan can be upgraded or degraded based on the number of contracts.

Final Words

DialMyCalls is undoubtedly one of the best customer service apps available these days. It is being widely used by the customers in the USA and has received great appreciation from them. So just create your account and be ready for a first-hand experience.