In Twitter, a custom background image becomes important, especially when you are promoting your brand. It improves your look, appearance and enhances your brand image, which is a plus point for you. Background image helps you make the best first impression on people. Here in this article, we will be talking about creating cool background images in Twitter and options available for you to do so.

Standard Backgrounds are good, but not the best!

For now, Twitter offers 12 standard backdrops. The images come with custom coloring options, which you can set to different elements of your page. Besides, you could adjust colors of background links, texts, sidebar and borders.

Toggling to different backgrounds and modifying your Twitter page is quite easy. You need to click on “Settings” from the top links. Select “Design” and then click “theme” or select option “Change background image” or select “Change design colors”. Now get creative and beautify your twitter world. Don’t be anxious while goofing up things. The changes are visible only after you click on “Save”.

You can also use some pattern generators to play with patterns. For this, you can use

  • Stripe Mania
  • Stripe Generator
  • Tartan Maker

Although Twitter offers you some top-notch backdrops, you should consider having custom backgrounds if you want to attract the crowd.

Things to consider while setting up a background image for Twitter

  • Different resolutions or monitor sizes – Different PC’s have different screen resolutions
  • Document size – It should load in few seconds!
  • The Twitter theme or interface – Make your background to suit your twitter interface
  • A right impression – It should reflect you or your brand to the followers.
  • Avatar matching – Get a suitable avatar for your backdrop

Now, we are going to see these categories in detail. Have a look into the following extract to create a stunning Twitter background easily.

Monitor Size

It is an important thing to consider as people have very diverse monitor sizes. However, it is always good to think about bigger screens rather than the small ones. You can select to create an image with 1500 pixels high and 2000 pixels wide.

There are thousands of people having those tiny 800×600 pixel screens, but in Twitter, the main interface basically takes 800 pixels so you don’t need to worry much about these tiny screens. You could also switch to an average standard size of 1024×768 pixels.

Twitter Interface

It is a space where all tweets are displayed. The page includes your own details at bottom left side. Overall, this page contains some important elements and when you create your backdrop image, you should be careful. Make sure these page elements do not conceal the main parts of your background image.

Saving and Uploading

Once you are set, you would need to upload your background to Twitter. Save your image to your computer. You can adjust the image qualities to get an image with higher quality. Lastly, go to your Twitter and log in. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Design’. Now, upload your custom image and save the changes.

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