With a great penetration of Smart-phones, globally, the mobile apps have become hugely popular nowadays. The mobile app developers often create mobile apps based on innovative business ideas. And developing a compelling app is no longer difficult, however reaching the ultimate level of excellence is relatively challenging. As lightest error can cause enormous complications and ruin the whole effort apart from loss of invaluable time. The key objective of any mobile application development company is to identify the possibly poorly performing apps, those which do not certainly make it in living up to the expectations and hopes of customers and results in dissatisfaction. In order to avert those mistakes, it is vital to detect what these problems are.

Mobile App Development

Following are some of the mistakes you must avoid in order to create a brilliant app interface:

  1. Ignoring User Experience

Apps are created for users; therefore, user experience is the most significant factor that defines whether an app has succeeded or failed to satisfy the customers. Although this is a known fact, yet, mobile app developers often fail to focus enough on this decisive factor and instinctive design.

Before concluding an app, it is always advisable to run usability or user acceptance testing (UAT) numerous times to test and verify how it works on mobile. This can help you to better understand the persona and user experience, and whether people would like to interact or not.

  1. Overlooking Device Features and Necessities

Ignoring the intrinsic features of the target device(s), will result in a poor UX. You should seriously consider this fact, so that the end user can use all the device features with your app.

  1. Awful Onboarding

Many mobile app developers develop apps that leave a new user clueless without any tutorial or extra information once they finish installing the app, thus creating an awful experience in the very beginning. And, for apps, we all know how important the first experience is. That is the instant when the user chooses whether or not to carry on with that app.

  1. Poor Architecture and Navigation

For any mobile application development company, to create a good design, having a draft is must. Sometimes, the designers overlook certain logistics and certain communication scenarios of end users. That is the reason why they end up killing time on re-drawing and re-writing the code again and again.

  1. Overstuffed Features

The app developers should never haste into the process of app development, especially, when the pursuit is for developing an app that has the essential features. It’s significant to be exclusive, but that idea should not carry you away while creating the app. And developing a Buggy app is certainly a wrong decision, that’s why it is always best to create a simple design.

  1. Choosing a Wrong OS

It is tough to fight back the enticement to develop apps for operating systems such as iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, and others. Although this is a good idea, if you are launching app for the first time, avoid spreading your resources thin by aiming several OS environments at the same time. Study and explore the existing platforms to choose the appropriate OS for your app.

  1. Leaving Out the User Analytics

Non-inclusion of the user analytics service can be a big mistake. Right from the beginning, after introducing your app, using the analytics service for taking data-driven decisions, will make things convenient and more manageable. You can use analytics service like Flurry for content and user experience, design, providing invaluable awareness regarding the app usage.

  1. Don’t be Your Own Beta Tester

Beta testers offer an external perspective on identifying issues concerning your app and are essential for the development of mobile apps. They provide essential feed-backs to build a user-friendly app. Let your app face the genuine tests and challenges by being tested by external beta testers.

  1. Marketing afterthe Submission of App

Marketing of app is immensely important, and doing it before you start with the submission process of your app is crucial in order to enhance its prominence. You should start the promotion for your app even before your app reaches the App Store. Also, remember to incorporate social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., for marketing the app, as these platforms are the most important zones where you can target your future users and persuade them to download your app.

No app can get sold itself. It needs a great marketing strategy and lots of promotional activities to push your app.

Another important task is to define your target market, i.e. whether you are targeting to function in a niche market or a bigger market. A wide-ranging planning should be done depending on your aim to increase your visibility. You can opt to get featured on the app store, which is a great marketing strategy.