If you love playing video games, you must be aware of video game live streaming. Its rapidly growing popularity is such that anyone even slightly connected with the world of gaming already knows about it. Live streaming has become so crucial that the entire video game industry is now being driven by it.

However, if you aren’t aware of it, here’s a brief description of it.

What is Game Live Streaming?

Game live streaming is the process of streaming live sessions of video games. Streamers and content creators play games and live stream the sessions on various game streaming platforms. Like any other video streaming, the audience can visit the streaming platforms to watch their favorite streamers play live.

People can also interact with the streamers by commenting on the comment section, which can be viewed in real-time by the streamers. Watching video games is as entertaining as playing a game, and that’s why every day, millions of viewers spend hours watching the most popular streamers.

Many live streamers earn a decent income through various methods by streaming content consistently on the most popular platforms. The live streaming platform plays an extremely important role in game streaming. The platform is the base of the entire game streaming activity. So, if you are looking to create a successful career out of game streaming, it is important that you understand everything about the various popular game streaming platforms.

What is the Role of a Game Streaming Platform?

A Game streaming platform is basically a portal where the streamers can broadcast their content. Streamers register on popular platforms and play the games they like with other streamers or solo, whichever they prefer. The audience can visit these platforms to watch their favorite streamers and video games.

Popular platforms offer a lot of features that allow the streamers to create more interesting content. Game platforms also host esports tournaments where several streamers can join and compete.

Here are some of the most chosen platforms so that you can get started with your own live stream channel easily.

1. Twitch TV

Twitch is the oldest and arguably the most popular of all gaming platforms available today. Introduced way back in 2011, twitch has been in the game for a long time and almost has all the features that a game streaming platform can have. Twitch is the biggest player in the industry with the largest stack of active users. That’s why several companies invest heavily in various promotional events on twitch. Today, twitch has up to 140 million monthly active users, with more than 2 million viewers using twitch at any moment. Twitch has a user-friendly interface, and due to the vast number of viewers, there are several monetization options as well.

Several additional features like Amazon integration, detailed analytics, and an interactive creator dashboard allow streamers to stream videos easily. However, for all the services it offers, twitch does have some regulations that can trouble the new streamers. For example, twitch only allows partners to stream at 1080p quality. All the content uploaded on twitch is owned by twitch. So the users cannot share it anywhere else before 24 hours of broadcast. A lot of streamers also complain about the ads. However, overall, twitch is the leader in the game streaming industry, and with the number of viewers it has, it is probably going to lead for a long time ahead.

2. YouTube Gaming

If there is one platform challenging the supremacy of twitch at the moment, it’s YouTube Gaming. YouTube Gaming is a simple, user-friendly platform used by millions of users. Due to its popularity as a video content platform, YouTube Gaming rose to dominance in video game streaming fairly quickly than most other platforms. You may require recording software to set up live streaming for PC and console games. However, for mobile games, you can stream directly through YouTube Mobile.

3. Facebook gaming

Facebook Gaming is the most user-friendly of all gaming platforms. It is a simple gaming video hub nested within Facebook, accessible via a short URL FB.GG. Here all the live and pre-recorded gaming videos are listed for viewing. For streaming, you need to use the Facebook Live Tool, which allows you to stream your gaming sessions easily. The gaming hub is very easy to use, and you will not require any technical understanding to start streaming. You can choose from options such as browse all games, browse streamers, tournaments, play games, etc, to access the various features of Facebook Gaming.

Facebook also offers monetization options through its Level up Program, where consistent streamers can easily earn money. You need a minimum of 100 followers, you need to stream at least 4 hours in 14 days, and there are a few other simple criteria that have to be met to be eligible for the program. Once you are approved for the Level up Program, viewers can send you Facebook Stars, and for every star, you get a cent.

4. GameSee

When you are still new to video game streaming, handling the huge platforms and gaining viewers can become extremely difficult due to the stiff competition. The intelligent solution to this issue is to register on GameSee.TV.

GameSee is a simple yet well-equipped gaming platform that offers all the mainstream features that you need. All you need to do is Download GameSee App, and in a few simple steps, you will be ready to stream your games. GameSee also hosts tournaments and other events for streamers. So with GameSee, you can enjoy and also gain thousands of followers on your channel in no time.


So, that concludes our brief description of gaming platforms. All the above platforms have millions of users, and so you can monetize your content fairly quickly if it’s good enough. Make sure that you are consistent, stream interesting games, and interact with your viewers in a friendly, fun way, and it will be easy for you to gain followers.

So, what are you waiting for? Register on these platforms, get started and build a career out of video game live streaming.

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