If you are seeing live assistance box on most websites, do not be surprised because Chatbots are soon catching up as a growing trend. Previously reserved for B2C sites, we are now seeing inclusion of a chatbot for heavily customer-centric companies along with pure B2B companies. AI is slowly becoming an important part of our lives and Chatbots powered by machine learning and AI will be the next trend to look forward to.

Google brought its AI version ‘Google Now’ into our daily lives. Similarly, Microsoft and Apple have also came up with their AI feature known as ‘Cortana’ and ‘Siri’ respectively. However, will it sound interesting if we say chatbots can save HR department from a tons of manual work and employee queries? A bit ironic! Isn’t it?

When employees start reaching HRs, asking silliest of things, getting doubt cleared, who should be blamed for this – HRs who didn’t have enough time to deal with it or employees themselves who didn’t read? No one can be blamed for this as the flaw lies in century old techniques and user interface & software. Lack of user-friendly interface techniques has affected the entire market. The way out to deal with such complex problems is Chatbots.

HR carry out a number of time consuming and tiresome responsibilities daily. Although, HR Chatbots cannot perform all HR responsibilities, it can definitely share some of the menial HR processes like answering employee queries about their payroll, vacations, expense details, etc.

What is a Chatbot? 

A chatbot is a computer program, powered by Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, that is used by companies and businesses to interact with people and respond to their queries via a chat interface. Chatbots use predefined rules and algorithms to find relevant answers to your queries.
Chatbots come with plethora of benefits like collection of employee data, ease of access, 24/7 availability on all devices and instant response. It is like a first level information desk that aids employees with faster response time and reduction in average operating time, thereby boosting productivity.

Conversational Interface

The industry needs a smart, AI powered and automated solution like Chatbots that can deal with real-time user queries. The chatbot technology is actually a computer program designed to simulate conversation with users (mostly employees), especially over the internet. Though chatbots possess a tremendous value in the field, its conversational interface makes it a perfect solution to quickly gather employee data and feedbacks in a most transparent way. Employees like to share their feedback through chats instead of long forms as chat is the easiest alternative for them. This simple change from traditional approach makes senior managers and HRs more than happy and at the same time make organization more efficient.

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Quick and Customized response

HR department is usually burdened with a lot of monotonous work like induction, sending reports, answering employee queries about their salary, taxes, deductions, etc. Imagine how easier will it be if there is a first level response system that can help most employees and let only the more complicated queries pass to the HR. This is where Chatbots can make a difference and help the employees with any HR related issues. They can be constantly connected through mobile devices. If you have any query, you can send chatbot a message and receive an appropriate response instantly. This not only saves times of the HR but also helps them to concentrate on more strategic and important task they have.

Accumulate Employee Data

Apart from answering employee questions, chatbots are used to gather employee personalized information and helps in faster employee decisions thereby making the entire process more efficient. It performs real-time analysis in order to determine what type of queries employees ask frequently. Highly raised queries helps to figure out ‘what’s the exact issue’. It enables the HR to resolve the issue before things are worsened. HR team could also run employee survey to analyze employee job satisfaction.

Performance appraisals

Performance appraisal is important yet another cumbersome task of HR manager’s job description. The process consumes a lot of time and affects organization’s productivity, as all the employees are busy with filling long forms and questionnaires instead of performing routine tasks.

This is how chatbots and AI make life simpler at workplace. Almost everyone agreed that machine learning and chatbot technology gains more employee engagement and add significant value to the organization.

However, chatbots can solve this issue in no time. It collects employee data, which can be used by HR in small pieces of information to fill employee form instead of assigning the tasks to employees. It saves a huge amount of time and increases productivity. However, the chatbot cannot answer all the employee questions, but it for sure can answer common queries that are raised frequently.

The industry is ready for more such innovations with endless possibilities. It is very interesting to see how the market will evolve in coming years. Let’s hope for great years ahead.

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