In today’s world a seamless omnichannel experience is the key focus for always-on consumers. Knowing the fact many retailers are struggling to provide consistent experiences across the channels. With the connected customers insisting consistent and personalized experiences across their preferred shopping method. Retailer are struggling hard to meet the growing expectation and challenges, No matter whether you are shopping online with your mobile device, laptop or tablet or visiting a store.


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Lately, we created OcCEI (IBM Omnichannel Customer Experience Index ). It is a simple survey of more than 100 US retailers made to assess their achievement in delivering the omnichannel experiences consumers say are important when choosing a retailer. In result it was found that a unified order management system is the link to its success.

Also a study conducted about IBM Omnichannel Customer Experience concluded that all successful retailers set them apart by creating a centralized view of inventory, order promising and a flexible fulfillment hub. Its not only supports the execution of omnichannel but also enables a richer and more consistent experience.
The in-store experience lags significantly behind other channels in consistency.

Retailers often face tough challenges with their in-store but now they are working hard to improve in-store experience. Clearly, in-store is the hardest channel to transform, but it holds the key to omnichannel realization and competitive distinction against digital marketplaces with built-in targeting capabilities like Amazon

1. Putting the purchase into the hands of the customer

Today with the fast growing technology every customer wants instant availability. They want same day delivery or instant options possible at local store. Thus, to fulfill the growing demand it puts pressure on retailers to fulfill the orders.Having right technology like centralised order management is really essential to retain customers or bear the loss of losing shoppers.

2. Get to Know Your Customers

Especially in-store, associates must be armed with technology and data to serve customers efficiently and effectively. The opportunity to know about your customers and personalize the interaction can be gathered in real time by engaging them on different channels.

In future, the omni-channel shopping experience will become prime focus for all retailers. Also it will be used for long term success by meeting the high expectation of consumers and reducing challenges for retailers.