The DJI Mavic pro is a freak in’ little. It hits you the instant you see the box, that is a couple of third the dimensions of a Phantom four box. Then it hits you once more after you pull the drone out – I actually have genuinely had sandwich rolls larger than this issue. It fits simply within the pocket of a combine of merchandise pants if you are the kind of one who still rocks those.

The controller: little. The charger: little. Even the batteries look novelty size next to the Phantom gear I am accustomed. The complete kit is often thrown in a very backpack with lots of space for everything else.

That’s the essential conjuring trick here: the Mavic crams regarding ninety-five p.c of what the Phantom four will do into a package that redefines movability within the section. Setup and teardown

The box the Mavic comes in may be a terribly convenient and handy size for chucking in a very bag, thus you may well realize you do not ought to trouble obtaining something higher to cart it regarding in.

Once you are at the spot, you unfold the arms of the drone – careful, the front and rear arms fold on totally different axes – and succeed the vaulted camera cowl. There is additionally a tiny low plastic gimbals lock that slides off before you’ll fly the drone.

Basic Flight

Like everything DJI Mavic pro quadcopter makes for the patron market, the Mavic is straightforward, stable and a pleasure to fly. It’s got all the Phantom 4’s forward-facing obstacle rejection school inbuilt, thus it’s going to warn you once you are coming back near one thing and even stop you from flying into it in customary mode – provided the obstacle is ahead of the drone.

Advanced Modes

The Mavic packs within the full suite of DJI’s advanced flight modes. That has Active Track that permits you to draw a box around your subject on the screen and then follows the topic around.


In the name of miniaturization and movability, each DJI drone camera and also the gimbal has contracted to a funny little size. There are some tradeoffs in effect: the lens delivers a narrower field of reading, the equivalent of a twenty-eight metric linear unit lens on a thirty-five metric linear unit camera, wherever the Phantom 4’s read is a lot of like twenty metric linear unit. However it’s still straight, in good order sharp, it will a good job of dominant optical aberration and shows little distortion – and at the top of the day, there are lots of reasons to like a rather a lot of zoomed-in check up on your subjects anyway.


There are drones with higher cameras; however, they are a ton larger. And there are smaller drones; however, they don’t seem to be pro-level video tools. The Mavic hits a sweet spot wherever you would be happy to throw it in your hiking backpack, or you perhaps your pocket, and still delivers clear, clean, stable pictures.