Business is getting competitive day by day as hundreds of firms are offering the same kinds of products and services. In such a scenario it is important that you make your brand easily recognizable amidst the crowd. One of the ways to achieve this is to choose memorable and pronounceable unique business names. This is the reason some businesses easily capture the attention of the customers whereas others take the time to do so. Along with the unique business names, you will also need a .com extension for your online presence. This isn’t easy as most of the brand name and .com extensions are already in use. A self-service marketplace where you can find bankable brand names is thus the need of the hour.

BrandBucket is a business name marketplace built for lean start-ups. Here a company can easily choose from curated list of unique business names and .com extensions a professionally-designed starter logo that can make the brand easily recognizable in the market. This service was founded by entrepreneurs who intended to create a marketplace where businesses could browse for name specifically chosen for brand appeal. It is completely a ‘Do It Yourself’ marketplace where you can choose from a number of options by customizing the search based on your theme, the number of letters and price range. They have been in business since 2007 and over 1000 companies have used this service using many repeat customers.

Unique Business Names

Great Features Offered by BrandBucket

  • BrandBucket offers carefully researched about unique business names and domain names which make your business easily recognizable. These names can be claimed by both businesses and individuals.
  • It offers you a large pool of brand names that cater to different types of businesses adding to the marketability. Even businesses looking for re-branding can make use of this service.
  • As a user of this service, you can get rights to premium business and domain names at highly competitive rates. These are a lot cheaper than domain names parked by other businesses.
  • You will also get professionally designed logos along with the business name and the domain. These are offered to you in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator formats which that can be customized to meet your taste as well as your business needs.
  • It allows you to access the value of brand name by taking into account various factors such as spelling, linguistic and cultural symbolism, the length of the word etc.

What Do You Get When You Purchase a Name?

Once you buy a domain name from BrandBucket you become the new owner of the domain. This domain remains yours as long as you renew the yearly registration with the domain name registrar. BrandBucket doesn’t charge you any recurring costs and doesn’t even lease domains. Along with this, you will also get a stunning logo that is shown alongside the domain name. If you wish to use this logo they will send you the original graphics file in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format allowing you to further customize and resize it to match your needs. This can also be used for your offline promotional purpose.

Technology Domain Names

BrandBucket offers you a wide range of Technology Domain Names which have been carefully crafted keeping in mind the power that they resonate. These are catchy and easily memorable names that help you top the table. No matter what area of technology you are targeting you will always find a product name that would define your services and create an impact on the minds of the end users.

Mobile App Domains

Mobile applications are really hot these days with most users switching from their traditional feature phone to smartphones. Android, iOS, Windows 8 and BlackBerry marketplace are filled with apps that offer solutions and entertainment to the users. In such a competitive marketplace you need a strong name for your Mobile Apps to stand out and be counted.

Web 2.0 Domains

If you want to compete with the rest of the brands on the web you will need a strong web 2.0 domain name. BrandBucket has managed to find a bunch of web 2.0 domains that work with the interactive web of today. These domain names easily register in the minds of the users and offer your business the edge to stay ahead of the competition.

Final Words About BrandBucket

Branding is a very important exercise in any business and BrandBucket acts as your perfect partner in this endeavor. It is a great business name marketplace where you find all that you need to brand your startup – unique business names, .com extension, and stunning logos. You won’t have to spend hours in searching for a business name that resonates your products and services perfectly. You won’t have to hire a design firm to get a stunning logo for your business. With a large number of options that it offers you BrandBucket is the marketplace where you should be if you are planning to create a strong brand impact.