If you own or run a service business and wish to make it as easy as possible for new and existing customers to make inquiries, bookings and payments, there’s no longer any need to make them wait until opening hours to book their appointment or make a reservation.

Although, there are a number of time management apps and tools available, there has often been a lack of certain crucial functionality – and BookingBug has been developed to fill that gap. With the BookingBug widget you can easily take and manage bookings and payments online through your website or Facebook page 24 hours a day.

Why You Should Choose BookingBug?

BookingBug is primarily a web-based booking, inquiry and reservation system and any service-based business (or one that operates on a time-based basis such as holidays, events, classes or courses) will find BookingBug a highly valuable resource. BookingBug is essentially an embeddable widget that enables businesses to display real-time availability anywhere clients can find the business online. It is easy to set-up and manage and businesses can get up and running and taking bookings immediately, without the need of any training.

How Does BookingBug work?

BookingBug has primarily been developed to address the challenges associated with time allocation and client management. Its unique approach and clever technology essentially allows the clients to organize your day for you. Bookings are made through a custom-built widget that adds the appointment to the schedule in real time. It can also send appointment confirmations and reminders to clients via SMS or email. The automated nature of the platform means administration time is minimized and the entire booking and payment process is streamlined.

Some of BookingBug’s Best Features

1. Say Goodbye to Your Appointment Book

BookingBug provides you with an easy to use admin calendar that enables you to view and manage all of your bookings.

2. Receive and Confirm Bookings Through Your Website

BookingBug enables your clients to book in the way that best suits them. The system caters for any booking type, whether that is on a per hour basis, daily or weekly basis, or in the form of specific classes, courses or events.

3. Take Payments and Deposits Through the Widget

With security metrics for PCI compliance, QSA, IDS, penetration testing, forensics, and vulnerability assessment, BookingBug allows you to take payments or deposits online in a secure way. The platform can support all currencies and is integrated with payment providers from around the world.

4. Apps for iPhone and Android


BookingBug also provides applications for iPhone and Android users, which enable a business to view all of its up-coming and recent bookings and contact clients directly. BookingBug allows the users to run the calendar and business from any system, including personal computers, Mac, laptops, smart phones, android tablets and iPads.

5. Email & SMS Communications

With BookingBug both the business and the client receive automatic confirmations of bookings and reminders. This minimizes cancellations and no-shows and ensure any free availability can be re-publicized, then re-booked, as quickly as possible.

6. Manage Daily Deals

BookingBug’s unique daily deal feature means a business can manage multiple deals across different providers (such as Groupon and Living Social), taking online redemption’s, validating voucher codes, managing capacity and tracking redemption rates.

Business Benefits of Using BookingBug

Service businesses can gain significantly by using BookingBug. It allows them to efficiently manage their business capacity and interact online with new and existing customers.
It allows businesses to fill free time slots and increase the number of bookings taken and build the associated revenues for the organization. In parallel, a business can significantly reduce its admin costs and enable staff to concentrate on running the business and serving clients.
BookingBug can also be easily incorporated to various other business management and accounting systems such as Sage, Kashflow and MailChimp.
BookingBug offers 10 different secure payment options, including the most popular PayPal, Sage Pay and WorldPay.

Pricing Structure

BookingBug offers a range of packages to suit all different business types and sizes. Pricing starts at $14.95 per month for individuals and personal businesses. The ‘small’ package ($24.95) is designed for small businesses with a few staff or resources, and the ‘medium’ plan ($49.95) has been built for businesses that manage multiple staff and resources. There is also an ‘enterprise’ option for bigger businesses that are looking for something more bespoke or requiring specialized customization.

Final Thoughts About BookingBug

Having reviewed the broad range of features, functionality and services offered by BookingBug, we have found it to be a truly dynamic and robust scheduler, which can be easily customized to specific businesses needs. It has the potential to considerably reduce the time and resources needed to manage appointments and bookings. In summary, BookingBug is a robust, flexible online reservation, enquiry and appointment system that has been designed from the ground-up to work for all business types. Whether a business takes bookings by the hour, day or week, runs events, classes or courses, BookingBug is the perfect platform.

For more information you can visit www.bookingbug.com, follow the team on Twiter @BookingBug, or contact them directly at support@bookingbug.com